Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life as We Know IT...

WARNING: Emotional Stuff. Read at your own risk
I now know that Law and Me weren't meant for each other. That it was only attraction and not love. That it was a mistake. WE were a mistake. A mistake which I can never rectify.
This place is another thing which was never meant to be right for me. The people here can never be mine. Everything is farce. You've heard that saying, 'All that glitters is not gold', right? I never paid attention to it. I know, My Mistake. I should have thought a little longer. I should have waited a little longer. 
Mean and Selfish is how I'll term the people here. Not to mention Materialistic. I am no saint. But the people here are a notch higher. Everything for them revolves around 'ME'. 
How I wish now, I had never chosen law as a career. How I wish now that I had never come to this godforsaken place. 
Thirteen months and I am still waiting for my life to get back on track. For me life was never easy but it was never this difficult. Everyday is a new challenge. It takes every once of courage to prepare myself for the college. College gives you exposure. Yes. It shows you how weird, selfish, self-centered and totally unpredictable people are. 
Attachment is a bad thing. You should never, never, EVER get attached to people. Coz, it is YOU who'll get hurt. Personal Experience. When people say you're their priority, they mean you're their priority till the time there comes in their life, something better. Priorities change. Life is not always the bed of roses you imagine it to be. I learnt it the hard way. 
For once when I thought that life has finally changed, for better and then BOOM, the illusion is broken. Yes, I know, I assume a lot. For example, I assume that my love and care for certain people is reciprocated back, that I mean some thing in certain people's lives and that is the reason when assumptions break it Hurts! 

Too much ho gaya na? ;)

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Vikas said...

ye pehle b suna hai maine aur smjhaya b tha teko kuch pagal ladki

neha said...

so true yaar!! even i feel a lot lyk this...... ;)