Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grudges... grrr...!!

Up until a few days back, I was supposed to be satisfied with what I have. Now, I am all grumpy and dissatisfied. Don't give me those looks. I am human and I am no stoic. Things do affect me and I am sad right now. Like, really, really, really sad. I hold a lot of grudges. I am very jealous of  a lot of people. And no, I have no problem admitting that. Giving me those 'she-is-mad' looks again, are you? Well, I can't help it. It's 4:49 in the morning and I should have been blissfully asleep, dreaming something romantic, like maybe, being kissed. A friend asked me today, "Being kissed is sooo important to you?" Of course he wouldn't understand. He is not the one who's been in a relationship for three long years and met the boyfriend just thrice and never been kissed. I am the one. So yes, it is a big deal. No more discussions on it. Period. And worst, I am single again! Duh, this is so depressing, innit?
Well, no, this ain't the biggest grudge I have. There are more.
#Why can't I dance, like Shakira? Forget it. Why can't I dance at all?
#Why is it only me who thinks I can sing well? Damn, even my boyfriend (read ex), thought I was horrible. I know, I know. Totally unromantic. :|
#Why am I not a size zero. Well, no. I wouldn't want a size zero but I sure would like to shed a few tonnes. Just kidding. A few kgs will do. You didn't really think I weighed some hundred tonnes. *gasps*
# Why am I NOT witty? Damn. It irritates me like hell. I always get the right reply after a few hours. Daaahhhh...
#Where the hell was I when God was giving people 'sense of humour'? I must  have been 'Facebooking'!
#Why am I NOT a topper? No forget it. I don't want to be  a topper. Yeah, yeah. Sour Grapes.
# Why isn't my hair naturally straight? Seriously. Frizzy, unmanageable hair is so not cool.
#Why the hell did my straightener burn? :( I miss it. R.I.P though.
#Why am I SO lazy? Now, this is a question everyone asks me. Well, it comes Naturally. I don't have to try.
#Why does the guy I have a crush on considers me 'just a friend' ? I mean, Seriously. Haven't I given enough hints.
#Why can I not use Photoshop? Don't ask me to learn to do it. I have tried, like a zillion times. I guess, I am destined to look ugly, even in my pictures. =(
#Why don't people follow my blog or comment on my posts? Don't tell me, 'Because sweetie, you don't write well enough.' Oh please don't say that. It's the only thing I think I can do well. Even if it's a bubble, don't burst it. Thank you.
Has anyone ever read my blog? Come on! Let me know that I don't write to walls. Thank you so much! I think I should hit the sack now. It is already light outside and I can hear the birds.

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Looking forward to: September

Love at Fist Sight

"You're late." 
"I know. Ooh! Who's she?" Devak pointed towards the girl on stage.
"If you were a bit more regular to the classes, you would have known." Sonal reprimanded.
"Yeah, yeah! Now tell me who she is. Gorgeous isn't she?"
"Of course she is. She is Satwika. She joined the college a bit late. Ain't she an amazing dancer?"
Satwika. He was smitten. Instantaneously. Even from a distance he could see her clearly and he obviously liked what he saw.
The dance finished and the audience applauded. There were loud cheers and hootings. 

"And the title of Miss Fresher goes to Satwika Khanna."
All this time his eyes were searching for her but she was no where to be found. A lot of people had come to talk to him but he hardly noticed. His eyes were searching for the one girl who probably had his heart now. As she climbed the stairs of the stage, he looked at her with mesmerized eyes. His eyes followed her actions. He was bowled over. He pushed and nudged his way to the front and stood there just a few feet away from her. She was short and petite and absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes arrested him. Big, bright and expressive lined with kohl. She had the cutest nose in the world and the most dazzling smile he had ever seen. She wore the pink dress she wore for the dance and she looked all feminine and delicate. Holding a bouquet of lilies and daisies and roses, smiling that dazzling smile for the camera and beaming for her friends, she looked surreal. She had long hair tied in plaits and a stray of hair was constantly troubling her left eye. He had never believed in love at first sight, until now. He felt restless and stared at her. Suddenly, as if feeling his eyes on her, she looked down at him from the podium. For a moment, her eyes were fixed at him. She felt as if she was in a trance, then slowly she looked away from him. 
She vanished and he feared that she had left when he saw her. She was there, with her friends laughing at something, holding her bouquet. Her eyes were twinkling and her cheeks were flushed. She had changed into a black and white knee-length wrap-around. Her hair was open and he noticed they were shorter. She looked so cute, his heart melted and his feet carried him to her. 
"There you are. Where did you vanish? I've been looking for you." Diksha asked him as he came nearer. 
"I, umm..., I was just talking to a few seniors." he replied, his eyes never leaving hers.
"Anyway, meet Miss Fresher, the chhota packet, bada dhamaka. Our very own Satvika Khanna." she said animatedly.
"Did you by any chance cut your hair?" he asked genuinely intrigued and everyone burst out laughing.
"It was a wig, silly. I was wearing it for the dance." she smiled.
For a while, they just looked at each other. 
"I've never seen you in the college." 
"I've not been to the college a lot, lately. I heard you joined the college a little late."
"Yes, I did." she said matter-of-factly.
Not-so-surprisingly Devak became a regular. They came closer to each other. Numbers were exchanged. They sat next to each other during the lectures and were very close but they were not going out. They were not dating each other. He never brought up the topic and neither did she. He was not sure of her feelings and she wasn't sure of his. 
It was  the last paper of the end-semester and they were revising on the phone.
"Enough! No more of these charters and policies please. 1686 and 1726. Uf..!" Satvika cried in frustration.
She was frustrated, more because Devak had still not asked her for a date. It had been almost a year. The first year was at its end and he still hadn't asked her out. This was getting on her nerves. She had gone on a date with Rohan, the CR of their class but it didn't seem to affect Devak.
"I was just wondering if you could come with me to Archies tomorrow after the paper. I have some work and then we can go for lunch or something." he said.
"Who all are coming?" she asked expecting a truck load of names but he kept silent. She checked the phone to see if he had disconnected but he was there.
"Hello?" she said.
"Err.. No one else. Just you and me." he said sounding a bit nervous.
"Are you asking me for a date?" her voice deadpan but inside she was bubbling with excitement and happiness. 
"Yeah, kind of." his voice skeptic.
"You're such a moron. I thought you'd never ask me." she said happily.
"So is that a yes?"
"No. I didn't say yes. I will think about it." she said seriously.
"Umm.. think about it?" 
"Yes. Now back to the plan of 1772." she said, inwardly giggling.
After a few minutes of discussing various plans Devak said, "I think we should get some sleep. It's almost four."
"Yeah, you're right." she replied stifling a yawn.
"Good Night." he said.
"Good Night."
But none of them disconnected. 
"Umm.. Satwika?"
"Yes, Devak?" 
"I am waiting for an answer."
"Oh! I thought you had forgotten about it." 
"I didn't."
"I will."
"What?" his reaction made her laugh.
"I'll come with you tomorrow." 

A happy beginning! 


Okay! This is like, the tenth time I am trying to post something new. Trust me every topic that I chose to write on was nothing less than A-W-E-S-O-M-E, but every time I stopped after the third line. What do you call it? Umm.. writer's block? Maybe. But I am determined to post this one. Eeep! I am already going blank! What was it that I wanted to post here? Tell me, this is normal. That I am not suffering from some kind of Short term memory loss. Apparently, the tenth topic was something which would have labelled me a perv. ;) While I am writing this, Google Plus is still loading. It's been doing that since the last fifteen minutes. 
Wasn't Google Plus supposed to be a revolution in the world of social networking sites? You go on  Google Plus and you'll see these short videos where Google plus is pushing Facebook into a well or beheading it etc, etc.. What's the whole point? Everyone knows, Google Plus is a failure. At least I think so. Mark Zuckerberg sometimes really gets weird ideas, I don't know from where, like changing the chat and stuff but he is awesome.
Oooh! Finally! Google Plus is ready to use. 
Aah! I'll tell you a joke. :D
The warden thinks that I need to gain weight! Hahahaha! Right. Just like Bill Gates needs more money! Every time I skip a meal or don't go to the mess on time she's there knocking on my door... "Anuranjani, go and eat." This really annoys me. I mean, okay, she is caring and stuff but I need someone to tell me to eat less not force me to eat ten times a day! 
My mom thinks I need to study more.  As if I don't study a lot already. Okay, no. I don;t study enough. I am trying, okay. And dare you say anything about me not making it to Harvard. :|

Dad thinks I need to sleep less to study more. Wow! How can someone sacrifice something as vital as their sleep!? I asked dad the same question. He said, "I am not asking you to sacrifice your sleep. But you can do with 10 hours of sleep instead of 16!"  What? I only sleep that much during vacations. Mostly.

My sister thinks I need to lose weight. She thinks I am baby elephant! I don't know why everyone I know tends to exaggerate things to such an extent.

My friends think I need to give them more time. Honestly, if I gave them anymore time than I already do, I will  go mad. Crazy people, they are. Okay, I admit, I am the craziest of all. Still!

I think I NEED a boyfriend. :|

I don't know what I have written here. But whatever it is, It is AWESOME. No arguments. Period.

Listening to: Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore by Bon Jovi!
Trying to: Write a Book! :|
Eating: Something like jelly. 
Waiting for: SEPTEMBER!!! :August should skip! :D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 things gone wrong- WITH ME!!!

If I ever manage to spend a day without a glitch, I will give this whole entire world a free daaru party! No, I don't drink but that doesn't mean no one drinks. I remember being drunk once, though <shhh... my mom doesn't know I drank>. I cried and I laughed and I cried more and laughed harder and then I cried and laughed at the same time. o_O Ooh! But I didn't try to kiss someone! Yay! Achievement! But, damn! I should have kissed someone. Yes, I haven't been kissed in my whole, entire, nineteen years of life! Yes, even though I was in a relationship for three years. Shhh.. Shut up! Don't laugh! Hello!! You are not supposed to laugh! No, no pity too! Hurrrr... Big Deal! No, I am not gay! NO! He is also not GAY!  Okay laugh! <as if it matters to me>
Ahem! Back to the topic. 10 things which went wrong:-

1. I burnt the food meant for twelve people, just ten minutes before Dinner! 
<you think I did it intentionally? Haaawwwww!!! So what if I hated the 'hosts'? So what if I want them to be starved? I will never burn their Dinner, especially at their own home! ;) >

2. I refused to go to dad's friend's brother's daughter's wedding! 
<That cute guy from the neighbourhood was also there. Damn! God, you ought to make me psychic! I mean, HE was there!>

3. I ran out of water in the shower, with shampoo trickling down my face and trying to seep into my tightly shut eyes.
<The worst thing that can ever happen. Eww! Gross!>

4. Mom sat through the entire phone conversation I had with my best friend.
<God, can you be a little less apathetic? Not that Mom isn't cool but it gets a little difficult discussing who lost her virginity to whom. She'd think I lost mine too even though I haven't been even kissed. Daaahhhhhh!!!!>

5. My favourite restaurant refused me any dish of Chicken!
<IMAGINE! They expected me to eat veggies! How rude is that!?  I am never eating there again!>

6.  The girl who was supposed to do my eye-brows was giving me looks! Like THOSE looks!
<Hello!??? Do I look like I am gay?>

7. I lost my purple tic-tacs. =(
<what? you're laughing? I loved those tic tacs! more than life!>

8. My fluorescent green chappals which cost me 100 bucks broke! *Sob*
< so what if they weren't branded? God! Show off I tell you!>

9. Someone murdered my brand new Hair Straightener or it committed suicide, Apparently it short-circuited.
<Now how am I going to manage my curly or wavy or whatever you call the broomstick of my hair>

10. You didn't get it? MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER DIDE DIED!!!!!!!!! 
<bwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >

There are uncountable number of things more! Disaster's common with me! 

listening to: Don't go breaking my heart by Glee! <Why am I listening to this song? Take me to a doctor, some body!>

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Again!

The two months I have been home for the vacations have driven my mom crazy. Like, really crazy. Oh come on! I am not as much a devil as you're thinking me to be. I am just a normal teenager who loves to sleep, lusts for music, hogs food like a pig, is crazy about internet (read Facebook, my blog and Twitter) and reads like crazy. Also, if you think I am those loud, blaring, rock music kinds, let me tell you that I am not.
What really bugs mom is my undying love for my laptop. She thinks I love my laptop more than I love her! :|
No, I love her more, but I also love my laptop and a lot. She also hates my sleeping pattern, hates that I am almost always online and I do nothing but read e-books. Only thing she has no problem with, is my eating habits. Although she agrees that I am getting fatter every day and worries about my marriage (which, unfortunately will have to wait for very long), she never denies food to me, no matter how many times I ask for it. Ooohh!! I love you mommy.
Today was just one of those 'regular' days minus the internship which ended last week. Phewww!! Relieved I am! Anyway, I got up at ten-thirty and was surprised coz not once did ma try to wake me up, which was unusual since she usually started waking me up since seven everyday. Turned out, she was mad at me. I gathered courage and went to her room and indeed she was upset. After my second attempt, I finally managed to say, "Ma?". "break-fast kitchen mei hai, kha lo." was all I got. Thank God for my cute face (Yes, I am cute! at least to myself) and my success at pulling a puppy dog face, Ma relented! :D
Dad too was pissed at me today. Oh God! Today was not a good day.
"Why do you even bother to come when you have to sit with your laptop the whole day?" Ouch! That did hurt.
Anyway, today for a change I was dreaming thinking about how my life will change when I move to Harvard for my master (4 years later). I'd be able to go to the world's best pubs libraries, date cute guys meet intelligent people and my life will be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
Aah, did I tell you my vacations are almost ending! :'( No more sleeping all day, eating all day (not that, I'll loose weight), Facebooking, Blogging and Twittering all day (well, that I'll manage ;) ) and no more listening to those taunts about me loving my laptop more than my mom (gonna miss this the most.).

I am already looking forward to November when I'll be back for Diwali. My mom is already dreading it and Dad requested me not to come. I know he doesn't mean it (hopefully). Di's told me she won't let me enter her house or let me meet my cute niece if I don't shed a few kilograms. Yes, it is Hitler in my di's disguise! And, I still can't marry for another five years! God, this society wants an educated, well-earning girl these days!
But I am looking forward to Harvard! The cute guys intelligent people and world class pubs  libraries.

Aah, now mom wants me to have dinner and the dessert (yum-yum), so catch you all later. (If ever you all read my posts!)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Changed Times!

The time spent with you is etched clearly in my mind. However hard I try to wipe you off, you would not go.  Why? Why would you do this to me? Come in my life for such a short period of time and then vanish without even saying a simple goodbye? Every time I peek into the past, I see you smiling, the genuine smile by my small acts, hear your laughter-crystal clear, your whispering ‘I love you’ into my ears. That small peek into the past brings out so many of your memories- your sweet talks, your infectious smile, your small little gestures, your scolding, your caring, your being on the phone-not to talk but to help me study, the way you calmed all my fears, the way you lulled me to sleep. The simple encouraging smile, the small peck on my cheeks all come back to haunt me. What went wrong?? Why did this happen?
The time’s changed, you deny talking to me, deny your love for me, and deny accepting my love. You’ve locked yourself into a shell, and the cover’s so hard, no one can break it. You would not let anyone enter your world, your life. Not even me. The contact is broken. Sometimes I try to break into your shell but, no, you wouldn’t let it even crack, let alone break open. Resultantly, you’ve left me with a broken heart. The tears flow with no one to wipe them, the body shivers with no one to calm it. Silence is what the life now comprises of. Everything’s changed. The outlook towards the world, the life has changed. Life is such a mess. But people say. “Life must go on”, and so is it-going on! Every breath is taken with great difficulty- not physically but emotionally. The wish I have is that the phrase, “Happily ever after” applies to you, if not with me, with someone else!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving On!

I wonder why I care. I wonder why I get affected by everything you do. Still. It should have been different, after so many months. It is so not. You don’t care, I know. You don’t bother, I know. You don’t even remember I exist, I know. Why do you come back to haunt my dreams? Yes, that is exactly what you do, Haunt! There are so many good memories and so many bad ones too. Every time I come across your name, my heart still skips a beat. Silly Heart!.! Why, oh why, will you not leave me alone? You were everything to me! EVERYTHING! Then why did I not mean anything to you?
Three years and I still couldn’t mean the same to you as you meant to me, still do. You cared once or so you said but you never expressed it. You said I mattered, but did you really mean it? I know you did not. I loved you with all my heart, I imagined our future together. It was all an illusion, just an illusion.
I miss you, a lot. Your smile, your voice, your laugh, your eyes and your love. I know, this last time I walked away but you never tried to stop me, never tried to call me back. Were you happy that you didn’t have to stop me? You probably were. Your happiness always mattered more, will always matter more.
I should move on, I keep saying this to myself. Trying I am. And I hope to succeed! J

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! The Final Part!

(Read Parts I to VI before you read this one! You just need to scroll down)                                                          Vaibhav left for New Zealand, the day after he left Mumbai. Navya felt lonely and sad. She wondered why she was feeling the way she was. She had not felt so sad even when she had come to Mumbai for the first time leaving behind her family and Nikhil. But then, she never had loved Nikhil. It was infatuation since Day 1. So what was this now? Love? Infatuation? Attraction? What? She decided to call Vishakha.
Just when she about to disconnect the call, came Vishakha’s voice which said that either she had been crying or was suffering from cold.
Please God. Let it be cold. Please, please, please! Navya prayed.
“Hello? Will you say something?” repeated Vishakha.
“Hi!” Navya said.
“Don’t ‘Hi’ me! Come to the problem.” said Vishakha.
“Umm.. I think I am in love.!” Navya said, and after a pause, “Again.”
“Ha! I was waiting for you to say this. Let me guess! Vaibhav?”
“Why do you have to know everything? And, have you been crying?”
“Yeah, I broke up.” Vishakha replied seriously.
“Okay, it is the cold.” Navya said dryly.
Navya knew that Vishakha would never break-up with Akshay. They were in love since they were in kindergarten. And, this was the only thing which made Navya jealous of Vishakha- her ability to stick with one guy.
“Yeah, Vaibhav.” she murmured.
“It is not love.” Vishakha declared.
“How do you know that?”
“Coz baby, I know you. You can never really fall in love.” Ouch! That hurt!
“I don’t know.” Navya said.
“Sleep it off.”
“Yeah, coz it is eleven-fifteen and Akshay’s calling.” Navya continued for her.
“Hey, you know, you’re my first priority.” Vishakha protested.
“After Akshay, I know. Chalo, you guys carry on. I’ll take my sleepy-head to the bed. Good Night.”
“Good Night. Love You.” Vishakha said as she disconnected the call.
“Good Night!” Navya said to herself.
She lay in her bed awake. Sleep evaded her. She knew, she should sleep since she had college the next day she could not. At two, her phone rang. International number. Her heart beat accelerated.
“Good Afternoon!” came his sexy voice.
“It’s good night, here.” she said, her voice indifferent, her heart doing flip-flops.
He chuckled and she imagined his face.
They talked for two hours that day. At around four-thirty Vaibhav said,
“Hey, I will have to go now. But before that, I want to tell you something.”
“Yeah?” she asked.
“The three days spent with you were the most memorable three days of my life. I enjoyed every single second of your company. Never in my life have I felt the way I feel for you. You are beautiful, your eyes are gorgeous and your nose makes me want to kiss you. You know, when you smile, I don’t want to do anything but look at you. When I held your hand, while crossing the road, I felt like holding those soft hands forever. Your laughter is like music to my ears. I love those beautiful eyes, I love that dimpled smile, I love that cute nose, I love those lips I kissed, I love the way you look at me, I love the way you laugh, the way you hold my hands, the trust in your eyes. I Love YOU!
Take a breath, take a breath. She instructed herself.
“You’re still with me?” he asked, anxious.
“Yes. Look, that is really sweet of you but I cannot say anything, now.”
“Are you... Do you still feel for Nikhil?”
“NO! No, It’s nothing like that. I... I am not sure if I am capable of being in a relationship for a long time.”
“Do you love me?”
“I think I do.”
“ Then what is the problem. Give it a shot. Give us a chance. Our relationship may not work out, but we won’t regret not giving ourselves a chance! Say yes, Navya.”
“Yes!” she said after a minute’s silence.

It’s been a year now since she said “yes” to Vaibhav and yes they are very much together.
“Happy Anniversary, baby!” Vaibhav said on the phone.
“Same to you.! I can’t believe, it is a year now.” Navya replied.
“Me Neither!”  Vishakha laughed.
Yes, they were on conference.
“See, I proved you wrong Visha. I am capable of real love.”
“Yes, you are. And Now, I am off. You guys talk. Happy Anniversary, both of you.”
“Thank you!” Navya and Vaibhav said in unison.
She had finally fallen for the right guy. Everyday she had fallen in love with Vaibhav, more than ever. Nothing affected their love. Not the distance, not the time difference, not the fights, not the insecurities. Their love got intensified.
“You have to kiss a million ugly frogs to find your Prince Charming.”  Navya found hers after her share of kissing a lot of those ugly frogs.

P.S.: I so love Happy Endings! J

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pain-in-the-Ass alias Best Friends!

Trust me, when I say Best Friends are the biggest pain in the ass, I mean every single word of it! My best friend has been a pain-in-the-ass since the last six years and assures me every single day to continue being so.! Poor soul, ain't I? I try to be equally "generous" but then she always gets the better of me. Can she ever praise me? Can she ever say that I am looking good? Can she ask me normally, sweetly as to what's gone wrong? Can she ever answer any of  my question directly? Can she ever show that she loves me? The answer to all these questions and the likes is NO
She can never say: "Aww Anu, you look so pretty today.!" She'd say, that too when I pester her a lot : "You look.. umm.. okay sort of!" I mean, even if I look drop-dead gorgeous (which obviously I never do), she'd just say that I look just fine. "can you shed some weight?" is her first sentence whenever she sees me, which is very less since she lives in Mumbai and I live in Dehradun these days! "Why do you have to eat so much?" "Aah, you're hungry again?" the last question comes when I eat after complete two hours! Everyone has a problem with my eating! God! 
She drives me crazy sometimes, okay most of the times. "Do this!" "Do that!" "Uf.! How can you do this?" Such a bossy person, she is. If she wants something done by me, there are only two options with me, Either do that or Die! And, you know, I prefer living. It's important, you see! I don't even have a boyfriend yet!
When I went through a nasty break-up last summer, every one sympathised, except her! People listened when I narrated my sad story and cursed the ex. She kicked my ass, said I have to get over it or else she'd take away my favourite purple rug! Imagine! I was sad and broken and she was threatening to snatch away my Cadbury.! Yes, I have a name for my rug and No, I am not discussing that!!
She maybe the biggest pain-in-my-ass, but she's also my best friend, my saviour, my moral support, my shrink , my....(the list can go on and on!) She's been there through thick and thin. She's kicked me when I was wrong, hugged me when I was sad, she's stood by me when  no one did! She takes my calls at two in the morning, listens to my endless blabbering! Wipes away my tears (always accompanied with a lot of abuses, but ignore that). She's everything to me and I don't mind her being a pain-in-the-ass sometimes! I love her with all my heart and people, guys specially, trust me I am perfectly straight! 

This one's for you! SHAMBHVI, the bestest friend ever! :*

Friday, July 1, 2011

Shopaholic? Not ME!

God save me when my friends or for that matter anyone from my family decides to go shopping! Everyone knows for a fact that I hate shopping, completely, and still I am their first choice! Why? Devils, they are, I must tell you! I don't mind the new clothes or the new accessories but I do mind jumping from shop to shop looking for something Special. For me, if you like something, just take it and leave!
I had just returned from one of those torture trips from the market and was lying flat on my back trying to concentrate on whatever my over-excited best friend was blabbering. Aah, bless mom for coming into the room just on time to save me from being strangled. My eyes were drifting shut while Sneha was still trying to explain why yellow wouldn't go well with blue or whatever! With mom, came two large bowls of chocolate chip ice-cream. Did I tell you, I love my mom? Oh, I do! I grabbed mine and mom passed Sneha's to her. She refused. God! How can someone refuse ice-cream or anything which had a lot of calories? Anything with a lot of calories has to be yummy!
As I sat there feasting on my ice-cream not caring that I already needed to exercise, Sneha continued fussing over her new clothes. Hey, I really liked those black footwear I bought for myself. It had taken me exactly six minutes to complete the whole business of trying those and buying those and Sneha had taken exactly thirty-two minutes and twenty seconds to decide upon her pink ones. Yes, I have that watch which shows minutes and seconds and I had won it in a competition.
"What kind of a girl are you? You don't like to shop... and eat like a pig!" Sneha said as I reached for her bowl of ice-cream which she had not even touched. Weird girl.!
"A different kind." I said as I shoved in a spoonful of the ice-cream. Heaven!
I looked at my bed at the uncountable number of shopping bags and shuddered.
"Thank God! You've had enough of shopping for a year now!" I sighed.
She looked at me as if I was an alien from Mars, or Pluto or whatever! Yeah, people need to stop looking at me like that! Kinda creepy it is!
"What?!?" I asked her.
"I need to buy a few more things. Well, many more things and we're going to the Khaitan Market tomorrow." and just like that I was dead.