Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leaving Home.

As I write this, a lot of things are going on in my head which is aching. I am leaving for Dehra Dun tomorrow, early morning. And you're no genius if you think I am sad. I am devastated. I don't want to go back but then I also want to go back. It was fun staying at home, doing nothing except reading, sleeping, eating, watching crap on Television, irritating Mom, becoming a total loafer with friends and going for long walks with Dad. The only non-fun part was putting on tonnes of weight. But that's excusable. It not that I have a boyfriend who's gonna complain about my weight. But wait. This can.... Aah, forget it.
These three months have been totally awesome. My wish was my parents' command. I just had to say and it was done. I have had a lot of fights with Mum in these three months. "Go back to your hostel and don't come back." She had said once. Now, when I am finally going, packing my bags and stuff, she is crying her heart out and it kills me to see her cry. Dad on the other hand, is quiet; not saying a word.
I don't wanna go. No. No. NOoooooooooooo!!!
Although I'll be back in October for a week. Still. I am gonna miss mum and dad, my brother, my sister cum devil and her daughter, who's kept me on my toes, the entire vacation, not to mention my super cool jiju.
Life in Dehra Dun is fun, without a doubt and there's no one to keep a check on me and I totally enjoy my life there but life at home is fun too. I now understand why my Di cried everytime she left for hostel.
Forgive me for writing I dunno what. I am not emotionally stable right now so the writing has gone a little weird or whatever.
I have fever, cold and severe body ache. All I want to do right now, is sleep but I have packing to do. I can't postpone it anymore.
I am a very emotional person and sometimes very expressive but I am not expressive enough today. I can't tell Mum that I am gonna miss her. That every time I get up late in the morning, I will be expecting someone to shout at me, that every time I eat, I'll miss the food she cooks.
Oh No. This is making me cry so I better stop. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Not Twenty Four...

*This book will be enjoyed by all* -Times of India

*A must read* - Red FM

*Check it out* -MTV

Am I here to review the book? Am I here to criticise the book? No. I am here to tell you how awesome this book is. The book was out in September,2010 and I read it now. In August, 2011 and had I not read it, I seriously would have missed reading a masterpiece. 
The story is about a typical city girl, Saumya, who's placed with a leading company in a small town in Northern Karnataka, Toranagallu. Her life changes drastically. 
*How does a typical city girl, born and brought up in Delhi survive in a small town of Karnataka?
**What happens when she finds that the work she is doing will have an emotional effect on her?
***What happens when she meets an Indian hippie who stays at a place for three months and then leaves and falls in love with him?
****How does she cope with the loss of a friend?

Honestly, after I read the book I was left speechless. If you didn't know that the author is a guy, you'd never believe that the author IS a guy after you've read the book. No double meanings. 
The narration is by the female protagonist, Saumya. 
There is not one small point where the reader will get bored. The story is as interesting as it can get. It has everything that it should have. Beautifully written, awesome story-line, one of a kind. 
Hats off to Sachin Garg. Trust me, it is the best that I've read by an Indian author! 
So all you people out there who read this blog of mine and have not read the book yet, go grab a copy. And, you'll get it at a discount on 
P.S.: I would have given you my copy to read but then I believe this is one of those books which you must, MUST have. So buy it and I promise you'll love it. 
For those who've read it, let me know what you thought about it! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Another Woman

She looked at him. Her eyes pleading with him. With quivering lips and a voice unknown to herself she asked him to stop. He did not. With one look at her, he walked out of the small house. She knew he'd come again. The darkness will bring him back but she also knew that the morning light will take him away from her. 
The sun shone brightly outside. She felt the mocking rays on her skin. It was light outside. It was darkness which engulfed her. 
Rolling over to the other side of the bed, she took in the faint smell of his lingering perfume and tears welled into her eyes. She couldn't face him. She couldn't look into his eyes and behave normally. Like a normal secretary. Like whatever happened between them was nothing but an illusion created in her mind. She couldn't look into those blue eyes and pretend to be happy. She had promised herself that she'd never fall for him. All along she knew that this wasn't real. That whatever happened was for 'fun' and nothing was serious. But her heart didn't understand. Never will.
As she parked her car, another car pulled in beside her. The woman in the next car smiled warmly at her. 
Her intercom rang as soon as she sat on the chair. 
"Kriti, please come in." He said and her heart skipped a beat. 
With apprehension in her eyes and expectations in her heart, she moved towards his cabin. She knocked on the door and entered. Inside was the same woman she had met in the parking area. She was still smiling but this time the smile was not for her. It was for the man who was reciprocating with equal warmth, who had yet not noticed her entry, who was different from the man who had spent the night with her. She cleared her throat and both of them looked up.
"Yes, Kriti. Please cancel the meeting scheduled for today. I am taking Riya for shopping. And, let me introduce you to my gorgeous fiancee." he said carelessly. The woman smiled at her. She could not smile back. 
As if on auto-pilot, she nodded and left the room. Not once did he care to look at her.  His voice echoed in her brain. He was engaged. He was no longer hers. "Stop fooling yourself. When was he ever yours?" a voice asked her. The morning light won't take him away from her because the darkness won't bring him to her. Ever. 
She knocked at his cabin door clutching tightly the envelope in her hands. 
"Come in." came his voice.
The grip on the envelope got tighter as she entered the cabin. 
"It was a pleasure working for you, sir, but I am afraid I will have to resign as a better opportunity awaits me." She said in a surprisingly calm voice, placed the envelope which had her resignation letter and turned to leave the room without waiting for his answer.
She'd seen from the corner of her eyes that he was shocked but she couldn't dare to look him in his eyes. She was afraid she'd tell him she loved him and she had more self-respect than that.
Not once did he try to stop her. She loved him. She also knew that this love was for forever. But she also knew that all along she had been just another woman. With a shattered heart but a head held high she walked out of the office, never to return.