Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mood-spoiler Mornings!

I hate mornings, more than I hate Rakhi Sawant and trust me that is a big thing.! Monday mornings are hated by a lot of people but I hate each morning equally. Try waking me early in the morning on an off day and I promise you, you'll be inviting some serious trouble. I mean, who wants to get up in the morning.? Damn my sleeping pattern. Sleep refuses to come to me at night and my eyes refuse to see the light in the mornings. Weird! I missed school and my mother would scold me. Now, I miss college and my mother still scolds me. Hey! I don't do that intentionally. It is just that, it is a little difficult getting up in the morning. Okay, okay! Very difficult. Who gets up at seven in the morning and starts studying? Well, my friend does. Weird, I tell you.
Well, I am back at home for the vacations and yes, I am happy. Everything is fantastic, except the part where I have to get up every morning, latest by eight. EIGHT! Imagine! God! How I wish I never had to go for that Internship thing at the Human Rights Commission. I have to be there by ten. Which office starts at ten? Okay, don't answer that. Needless to say, I am always late. Not my fault though. Told ya, my eyes refuse to open to the morning light! Every morning it's the same.  Mom starts waking me up at eight. That sucks coz I sleep at around four. Again, not my fault. Sleep evades me at that time. I guess, I am a vampire. Well, okay! A girl can always imagine! Anyway, back to the routine. Mom asks me to get up, exactly at eight. I get up and sit, eyes, still shut. As soon as mum leaves the room, I am back to sleep, comfortably! At nine-thirty, when mom shouts at me, I get up finally. I stagger to the living room, sit on the couch and sleep again. At about nine- forty, I am shoved out of the couch! Ruthlessly! By the time, I am ready to leave, it is already ten-thirty. I reach the office at about eleven, dodge the boss and sign my attendance. Phewww!!!!
I really hate the mornings, such mood-spoilers they are! Don't you think so?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! Part-VI

Read the other parts? If not, scroll down and read those before starting with this one!
“Sorry. Excuse me. I need to use the washroom.” she said as she burst out laughing.
“Alright.” Vaibhav said, although his eyes begged her not to go.
She shrugged, gave him her sweetest smile, looked at Tia, winced and headed towards the washroom.  As soon as she entered the washroom, her phone rang. Nikhil.
“Hi. I know you are with Vaibhav but I need to talk to you about something really important. And it has to be now. So step aside and talk to me first.”
“You alone?”
“Yes. Now tell me.”
“Look, umm.. I don’t how to tell you this, but...”
“You want to break up with me?”
“Yes.  Look, I am sorry...”
“Cut it. And thank you.”
“Thank you?” Nikhil asked, genuinely surprised.
“Yeah. I was going to tell you this, anyway.”
“You were? I thought you loved me.”
“As much as You loved me?”
“I think it was a bad idea. We were a bad idea.” he sighed.
“Right. I need to go. Bye. Take Care.” she said.
“Hey, are you crying?”
“Why would I?” she snorted.
“No. I just thought...”
“Stop thinking so much. Bye.” she said and disconnected the call.
So, she was dumped. First time in her life! Wasn’t she supposed to feel bad? Was she feeling bad? No. On the contrary she was feeling quite relieved! She was single. And she didn’t feel the guilt of dumping someone. But, she was Single again. AGAIN! Another failed relationship, another wrong choice.  “No more relationships for me.” she said to herself as she walked to the table where Tia, the Barbie, was still flirting with Vaibhav. As she looked at Vaibhav, she felt a whirlpool of emotions. Were any of those emotions love?
“Didn’t you take a little too long?” Vaibhav asked sweetly but she could see the frustration in his eyes.
She watched as Tia, tried to kiss Vaibhav. Okay, that was enough.
“You know, you can’t really kiss my date, especially when I am right here.” Navya said and both of them looked at her in surprise.
“Date?” Tia croaked.
“Yes. Date. That’s what I have been trying to tell you since so long. Now, please excuse us. We like to eat our food while it is still hot.” Vaibhav said to Tia, all the while looking at Navya with an amused grin.
Mental Note: Never look at him while he is smiling, especially when you’re standing.
Tia looked at both of them in turns and then at Navya and scowled and left without saying a word.
“So what’s with Barbie doll and you?” asked Navya as she took her place.
“What’s with you and me on a date?” he asked, smiling.
Her heart skipped a beat at the smile. Bad heart!
“I asked you a question first. And that was an attempt to save you. Sorry if you didn’t want to be saved.” she said dryly.
“Oh, come on.! I owe you. Thank you so much for that.” he said seriously at which she couldn’t help but grin.
Why am I grinning like a teenager? she asked herself.
“Maybe because you are a teenager?” Vaibhav replied, laughing.
Only then did she realise that she had asked the question out loud.
Damn it!
“You didn’t tell me about Tia.” she tried to change the topic.
“She was my junior in school. She had a crush on me and my dear friends gave her my number and told her that I loved her but didn’t have courage enough to approach her.” he said.
“Aww.. poor you.” she said barely controlling her laughter.
“Yeah, funny isn’t it.”
“Very.” she laughed.
They ate their food and fought over the bill. Navya won. Surprise, surprise!  By the time they left the restaurant, it was six.
“Hey, I’ll have to rush now. My flight leaves at nine.”  Vaibhav said and Navya stopped smiling.
“Yeah. You should leave.” she said, bringing back that lost smile.
“Looking forward to more such DATES.” she said.
“Are you flirting with me?” Vaibhav winked.
“Can I not? Especially now that I am single?” she asked and laughed at the clear surprise on his face.
“Single? You broke-up? I am sorry!” he said.
“Hey! Do I look like I am sorry?” she asked.
“Today, when you were busy kissing the Barbie doll.” she teased.
“You mean, while I was being molested.” he said pretending to be hurt.
She laughed.
They took a taxi to her apartment. He got out of the taxi at the same time she did.
“So, do I get to kiss my date who is now single and I hope, available.” he asked.
“Yes. You do.” she played along.
He bent and kissed her on her lips. Her heart stopped beating or so she felt.
“I’ll miss you.” he said.
“I’ll miss you too.” she said.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! Part V

(I hope you've read the other parts before you read this one)
They talked till one and would have continued if Vaibhav had not run out of balance.
“I’ll call you back. I have balance.” she said.
She waited for him to say something else but when he didn’t, she asked
“Yes, Vaibhav?”
“Idiot, my phone is on roaming.”
“Oh yes! Sorry.” She laughed.
“See you tomorrow, then. Good Night.”
“At 10! Yes. Good Night.”
She was smiling when her phone rang again. She was surprised to see it was Vishakha.
“Fought with Akshay, again?”
Akshay was Vishakha’s boyfriend and if you’re wondering who Vishakha is, then let me tell you she is Navya’s best friend. Yes, the same best friend who raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes when Navya had told her about Nikhil and herself. Vishakha was always busy at night. Free Reliance to Reliance calls, you see and called Navya at night only when she had a big fight with Akshay.
“Where were you busy? I’ve been calling you since an hour.”
Uh-oh! She didn’t know about Vaibhav. Problem was, Navya didn’t know about Vaibhav.
“A question for a question? Not allowed.” she tried to change the topic.
“Answer me Navya. Who were you talking to? Nikhil’s called me thrice because your phone was busy. You know I hate talking to him.” she huffed.
True! Vishakha had never liked Nikhil. And she absolutely hated him. Reason, still unknown. Every time Navya asked her about him, she changed the topic. She had once said that Nikhil was Navya’s biggest mistake.
“Err... umm.. actually was talking to Vaibhav.” Navya said.
“Vaibhav? Sorry. Doesn’t ring a bell.” Vishakha replied in dry tone.
“Vaibhav is this friend of Nikhil’s who’s here in Mumbai for a few days and needed someone to show him around and Nikhil asked me to help him. Tomorrow is his last day. So we were deciding where to meet.” Navya said in a go.
“Since an hour? Anyway, we will discuss this in detail later. I have to go now. I have Akshay on hold. Talk to you tomorrow and stay away from this Vaibhav. Also, don’t call Nikhil back. Love you. Bye.” she said as she disconnected the call.
“Love you too.” Navya said to herself.
She met Vaibhav at the Bandra station in the morning. They had not decided where they would go so they wandered just like that. When Vaibhav held her hand while crossing the road, she had a feeling she couldn’t understand. He seemed to notice everything, no one had ever cared about.
Vaibhav actually noticed everything about Navya, and this feeling was new to him. He noticed how she was allergic to dust, how every time she saw a large vehicle she cringed, how her expression changed every time she saw a poor child. And, he realised that he was falling for her. Why had he stayed? Why did he feel attracted to her with even more force every passing second? Why did his heart feel the way it was feeling now? Bad, bad heart!
“You want to shop?” they were in outside a Levi’s showroom with many more shops around.
She rolled her eyes and said very slowly, “Vaibhav, I. Hate. Shopping.”
He looked at her like she had just told him that she was a vampire.
“What? Actually you know, I can do with some food. No. A lot of food!” She said, pulling him to the nearest restaurant.
He followed her to her the restaurant with a baffled smile. As they sat there looking through the menu cards Vaibhav asked her, “You hate shopping, you don’t like to dance and you are always hungry. What kind of girl are you, if you are one that is?”
She laughed before replying, “First, not all girls love shopping. Second, I like to dance, I just don’t know how to dance. And, third, yes, I am always hungry. Can’t help it. And, of course, I am a girl.”
He was about to retort when he saw a girl moving towards them. His eyes widened and he barely whispered, “Hide me!”
“Too big to be hidden.” she laughed.
“Babyyyyyy! What are you doing here?” came a girl’s voice from behind Navya.
Vaibhav winced at her voice and said, “Tia! Hi! And call me Vaibhav, please.”
Tia ignored the last part of his sentence and continued, “Hey Babyyyy!! How come you are here and who is this Barbie doll?”
She eyed Navya. It was Navya’s turn to wince, now. She looked at herself in the glass door. A blue, collared, Reebok t-shirt, black jeans and Nike sports shoes! She definitely did not look like a Barbie Doll. On the contrary, the girl who had just called her a Barbie doll was covered in pink, the shade of which pricked the eyes. A pink top, pink short skirt and pink sandals, not to mention her pink lip-gloss.! Eww.. Navya thought. Although the way she called Vaibhav “Baby” and the way he reacted, clearly amused her.
“Vaibhav! Call me Vaibhav, please.”
She clearly didn’t like it.
“Vaibhav baby...” and this time she was interrupted by Navya.
“Sorry. Excuse me. I need to use the washroom.” she said as she burst out laughing.
P.S.: Keep checking for the sixth part!

Falling for the Right Guy! Part-IV

(You need to read the previous parts to enjoy this one!)
“Don’t say no later, then.” he winked, as he stood up.
She looked at him with a confused expression.
“Sit down.” she said with an amused smile.
“Only if you agree to be my girlfriend for the day.” he mimicked her.
“You’re forgetting, I already have a boyfriend, plus, only a few hours for the day to end.” she said with a hint of irritation.
He said nothing, just got up and started walking towards the water. Now, she panicked.
“Okay. I’m your girlfriend for the rest of this day.” she shouted.
He turned back and gave her a triumphant grin. Damn, if smiles could kill, she would have died a thousand deaths by now.
“You know, you’re not as great as I was beginning to think you are.” she said as he came back to sit with her.
“You think I am great?” he smiled.
“Thought!” She corrected him, trying to ignore the smile.
As he opened his mouth to say something, her phone rang, her ringtone sending him into fits of laughter. She glared at him while she took Nikhil’s call.
“Hello?” she said.
“Hey, where are you?”
“With Vaibhav?” his voice was more relieved than possessive.
“Yes.” she answered.
“Great. Hey, listen. I have to go to a concert today so don’t call me. I’ll call you if I get time.”
“Sure. Enjoy.” She said and without waiting for his reply, she disconnected the call.
“You’re my honeybunch, sugarplum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie... Who puts this as a ringtone?” Vaibhav laughed.
“I do.” she said a bit more harshly than she intended.
“Something wrong?” he asked.
“Nah. I am hungry.” she said, suddenly getting up.
Vaibhav got up deciding to drop the matter for now.
“So, where do you wish to eat, Mademoiselle? Will The Oberoi suit your taste?” he asked faking a French accent and she giggled.
“Actually, I was thinking of going back home. It is 6:30 already and we have to cook.” she said, still smiling.
“We?” he asked.
“Saumya and me! We’ve rented a flat and we do the cooking ourselves.” she informed him.
“I hope you remember that I am leaving tomorrow morning. My flight is at nine.” he reminded her.
Unexpectedly tears welled up in her eyes. She was surprised herself. Yesterday she was so angry at Nikhil and Vaibhav for ruining her weekend and today she didn’t want him to go. She wanted to know him better. She had enjoyed his company so much in the two days that she did not want him to go. Tears rolled down her cheeks and Vaibhav wiped them off, clearly surprised.
“You’re crying?” he asked.
“No, something got into my eyes.” She said wiping the tears.
“You know this excuse is so old, even a kid won’t believe it.” he frowned.
“You really want to know?”
“Of Course!”
“I don’t want you to go. Not yet.” she said and looked away.
Her expression told him that she did not want his reply so he just stood there, not saying anything, just looking at her.
“I really must go now.” she said after a few minutes.
“I’ll drop you.” his tone made it clear that he had no intention of changing his mind.
She sighed and nodded. They took a taxi. The entire half an hour neither of them spoke. Vaibhav placed his hand on Navya’s hand and gently squeezed it. Her eyes flooded with fresh tears. When the taxi stopped in front of her apartment she sighed and said, “Time to go.”
“What? I don’t get to kiss my girlfriend?” he asked pretending to be disappointed as they stepped out of the taxi.
“Sure, you do.” and she stood on her toes and kissed both his cheeks.
He smiled and kissed her forehead.
“I never thought, I will say this, especially to you but I will miss you.” she choked back tears.
“I’ll miss you too.” he said softly.
“Good Night!” she said, her voice barely audible.
“Good Night.” he smiled and watched her as she went inside.
It broke his heart to see her go. He stood there, even when she was gone. When was the last time he had felt so strongly for a girl? Never, came a little voice from inside. She was not the type of girl he would have dated if he had a choice. Undoubtedly, she was the most beautiful girl he had seen in a while but that was it. For the first time, he was feeling something beyond attraction for a girl. For a girl who was his best friend’s girlfriend.
Bhaiya? Chalna hai?” the taxi driver asked.
He shook his head and sat in the taxi.

Navya had never felt such strong emotions. Was she in love, again? No, she couldn’t be. She had only known him for two days. But wasn’t it enough, she asked herself. She had known more about him in two days than she knew about Nikhil in three months. Nikhil, who did not want to be disturbed during the concert. The concert was more important than her. She pushed these thoughts away as she joined Saumya in the kitchen.
“What’s cooking, good looking?” she tried to joke.
Saumya eyed her with concern.
“Pasta. You can go to your room. It is nearly done. I’ll call you.” she said.
“You sure?”
“You’re an angel.”
“I know.” she laughed.
She was reading the messages Vaibhav had sent her last night when he called.
“Hey! What are you doing?” he asked.
“Was thinking about you.” then with a pause, “Us.”
“What about us?” she asked, holding her breath.
“Were you serious when you said you didn’t want me to go?”
“No. I am good at acting. Was just showing off my talent.” she said angrily.
“Chill! I am going to call my dad with you on conference. Don’t say anything.”
“No. Wait...”
His dad took the call after a few rings.
“Hi dad!”
“Hello son. Coming back tomorrow, aren’t you?”
“Actually dad, I still have some work to complete. It will take me one more day.”
“Will it?”
“Yes, dad.”
His Dad seemed to be thinking for a while and both of them held their breath.
“Okay then, I’ll get you a ticket for tomorrow night. Will that do?”
“Sure dad. I...”
Navya made a happy sound and he coughed.
“I’ll talk to you later dad. The room-service is here.” and he disconnected the call.
“You nearly had me killed.” he chided.
“You’re staying. I am so happy.”
“Me too.” and she could feel him smile.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! Part-III

scroll down and reat part one and part two before you read this.!
On the train from Malad to bandra, there was just one thing, rather one person on her mind- Vaibhav. She remembered how reluctant she was in the morning and smiled at how she had totally enjoyed the day. She had almost wished that the day had never ended.
The moment she entered her room, her phone buzzed and it was a message, from Vaibhav.
She immediately replied. “just did. where r u?”
“at the hotel. so u will be there by ten, right.”
“of course, i will.”
“okay, see u tomorrow then. Good Night.”
“good night. "
Marine Drive! One of the most beautiful places on Earth! She had been in Mumbai for three months now but she still hadn’t had the chance to be there. Just then, Saumya, her friend and room-mate entered the room.
“Nikhil’s called for about the twelfth time, now. Why aren’t you taking his calls?”
She had seen the missed calls on the train and had thought of calling him once she reached home, but, with one message from Vaibhav, she had totally forgotten about calling him.
Idiot. She scolded herself.
“Will call him right away!” she assured her friend.
“You better do. And oh, by the way, I was at the Inorbit today. Saw you dancing. I now know why you don’t dance. Pathetic, your moves were.” she laughed.
In response, Navya just stuck her tongue out.
“And, and, the guy you were with was hot. Vaibhav?”
“Yes.” she said.
“Hot.” she said thoughtfully. “Dinner’s here. I ordered Chinese.” she smiled.
“I am not exactly hungry.” Navya shrugged.
“What did you do to I-am-always-hungry-for-Chinese- Navya?” Saumya asked with mock concern.
Navya rolled her eyes as she dialled Nikhil’s number. Saumya exited the room as Navya gestured for her to be quite.
“Where were you, the entire day?" asked Nikhil, as soon as he received her call.
“I forgot to put the cell on general. It’s been on silent the whole day.” she said, apologetically.
“Okay.! Well, did you meet Vaibhav?” he asked.
“Yes, I did.” she replied.
“Meeting him again, tomorrow?”
“Okay. I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”
This had become a daily routine. One call in the morning, one at night and an occasional call during the day, and surprisingly it did not bother her in the least.
She woke up at seven in the morning and surprised herself. Navya was not a morning person and this was one thing she did not miss about  home. She did not have to get up early. She chose a yellow top and blue jeans and got ready before time. She checked herself in the mirror twice before leaving for the station. At Churchgate she took a taxi to Marine Drive. The weather was pleasant, a cool breeze was blowing and for some reason she felt extremely happy.
She was standing there, admiring the beauty when she heard his voice.
“I see you’re early.”
She turned back, startled.
“You love doing this? Scaring people?”
“Let’s just say, this is a special favour to you.” he smiled.
“You cannot even imagine how privileged I feel.” she said making a face.
He laughed at this. If she thought he looked handsome yesterday, he looked mirror smashingly good today. He had a flawless physique. But what really attracted her was the smile. Every time he smiled, she felt something. She didn’t know exactly what, but it sure did take her breath away. This is what happens in books and movies not in real life. She thought.
For a little while, they just walked. Then suddenly Vaibhav turned to face her and said.
“Are you getting bored? I mean, bringing you here? You must have been here several times.” he said.
“Actually, I have never been here before. For some reason our plans always got cancelled.” she admitted.
“Oh! Then you’re lucky that I decided to visit Mumbai.” he winked.
“Yeah!. I am so grateful to you.” she said rolling her eyes.
“Still, wouldn’t you have preferred coming here with Nikhil?” he asked seriously.
Nikhil? She had not thought about Nikhil even once since morning and that made her feel guilty.
“Of Course! “ she lied. “But I am not here with Nikhil. I am here with you and since this is my first time here, let me enjoy it.” she said, pretending to be irritated.

He just smiled and shrugged. They walked to the Chowpatty Beach, coming across lots of small parks, good spots to sit down and immerse oneself in the beauty of nature and watch the world go by. They sat down, their feet digging into the sand. They talked about everything under the sun, from movies to politics, from his family to her family, from developing to developed economies, even.
“So, you never had a girlfriend?” she asked, surprised.
“Nope. Not one.” he said.
She was surprised. How could he have, of all the people, never been in a relationship? Surely, he must have been approached by girls. As if reading her thoughts,
“A lot of girls did ask me out.” he said, not sounding very pleased with the fact.
“Then why not?” she asked.
He just shrugged. Then suddenly he said, “Will you be my girlfriend for today?”
“Only if you swim to that boat over there.” she laughed pointing to a boat very far from the coast.
“Promise?” he asked.
“Don’t say no later, then.” he winked, as he stood up.

... to be continued.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! Part-II

“Uh, hi Vaibhav.” she replied.
“Umm.. Thank you for coming.” he said.
“Never mind! So, umm.. where do you want to go?”
“Let’s not go anywhere today. I have a little shopping to do. Help me out, will you?”
“Sure will.” she said, smiling a little.
“Let’s have something to eat first. I’m starving.” he said, returning her smile.
Her heart did a double flip-flop on the smile. They chose Nirula’s. By the time the food arrived, she knew a lot about Vaibhav. He was born and brought up in Delhi. His entire schooling was done from DPS, Indirapuram and his only aim ever since he was a child was to become a pilot. As she got to know him better, she felt the attraction rising. And every-time he smiled, she couldn’t do anything but stare. What was wrong with her, she thought!
When the time to pay the bill came, she announced that she’d share the bill.
“Oh, no, no, no! A gentleman never allows a lady to pay.” he said, vigorously shaking his head.
Navya couldn’t help but laugh.
“NO! We are not here on a date, so I can pay.” she said firmly.
“Well. Since we are here together, we might as well consider this a date.” he winked.
“No. I am paying, means, I am paying. Or you pay and I go back home.” she said very seriously.
“Fine.” he grumbled.
Navya smiled triumphantly at him. For the next two hours, they shopped for everyone of his family. She was pleased when he bought the shirts she liked. Two hours of shopping and she had not wanted to run away. Had she been with someone else, she would have bolted by now. Why? Because she hated shopping! But today, instead of hating, she had loved every minute of it.
“So, what now?” she asked.
“Now, that!” he said, pointing to his left.
“What?” she said turning.
And then, she was horrified.
“No. I will never do that.” she said.
“Come on! This isn’t something very serious. We’ll have fun.” he coaxed.
He was pointing towards a temporary dance floor which was setup at the centre of the second floor. For Navya, dance and fun were two different worlds altogether. She did not, could not dance. The only place where she really danced was her bathroom. People are bathroom singers, she was a bathroom rock-star. She had tried dancing when she was ten and again when she was seventeen and had come to the conclusion that she was just not meant to dance.
“No, Vaibhav. Dancing is not my cup of tea. I am a total failure when it comes to dancing. I just don’t know how to dance.” she said.
“Come on, everyone knows how to dance. Throw your hands in the air. Move a little and there you are.! What’s so difficult in it?” he asked.
She just shook her head.
“Please Navya? I let you pay the bill. And people aren’t going to notice us anyway! What’s the harm?” he pleaded.
You! You are going to notice me. You’re going to see me dance pathetically. That is the problem. She thought.
“Okay. Just once.” she said reluctantly.
He took her hand and took her to the dance floor before she could change her mind. Never had she danced, the way she did. For once, not caring how she looked, or, how bad her moves were. And she actually enjoyed it.
“Okay! I admit. You really are a pathetic dancer.” Vaibhav teased.
“See, I told you.”
“You enjoyed it?”
“That’s what matters. Let’s go, watch a movie.” he smiled and she couldn’t help smiling.
At the ticket counter, Navya opened her purse to take money out for the tickets.
“What are you doing?” Vaibhav looked at her quizzically.
“Paying for the...”
“You’re paying for your ticket and I’m paying for mine? Next you’ll refuse to recognise me.” he said in mock horror.
“Extreme reaction! And well, I am paying for both our tickets.” she said.
“Okay. I got it. You have a lot of money. Secret treasure or something? You can give me a few grands if you want to but you’re definitely not going to pay for the tickets.”
“Okay, calm down. I won’t.” she said.
“And I have no secret treasure.” she winked.
Watching a movie was never so much fun. When she came out of the movie hall, she was still laughing.
“Oh! I have to go. It’s 6:30 already. It’ll take me at least an hour to reach home.” Navya looked at her watch.
“And how will you be going?”
“Ever heard of local trains?”
“Can’t you take a taxi?”
“No, no secret treasure, you see.”
“Oh! This means, I am not getting those few thousand bucks.” he shook his head in disappointment.
They both laughed.
“Now, I have to go. See you tomorrow.”
“Allow me to accompany you to the station at least.”
“Permission granted.”
They walked to the station.
“See you tomorrow, at 10.” he said.
“Mind telling me where!?” she asked.
“Marine Drive.”
.. To be continued!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy!

So much for not falling for the wrong person, again! The last time she broke up, she decided she would choose her guy carefully the next time. She sure had a tendency to fall for all the wrong people in the world. Her supposed love-life was one hell of a disaster. Not that it mattered much to her. One reason why it didn’t, was because, she never loved the person. It was love always on the other side. For her it was only attraction although everytime she convinced herself that, this time, it was love for her.
When she said a “yes” to Nikhil and her best friend raised her eye-brows she tried to convince her, in –a-way convincing herself that he really was “the one”. Everything worked just fine for them both, back here in Patna but things got pretty bad when they both took admission in their respective colleges- in different cities. Navya in Mumbai- the city of dreams and Nikhil in Bangalore!
Given how she looked- tall (5’8”), dusky, long jet-black hair, beautiful, expressive eyes, and a figure to kill for, she attracted, without even realising, boys in herds. She was the hottest, sexiest and the most gorgeous girl on campus. She was asked for dates, she rejected all. She wasn’t interested and so, she was sure that what she had for Nikhil, was real. But, who was she fooling? Not even two months and already she found something missing in their relationship.
Nikhil’s friend was visiting Mumbai for two days and he needed some showing around. After a lot of coaxing from Nikhil, Navya agreed. She’d agreed only because Nikhil had really wanted her to. What did he say his friend’s name was? Vaibhav?
Next day, while she was still sleeping, her phone vibrated. She had an impulse to ignore the call, but she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to meet Vaibhav.
“Hello?” she said groggily.
“Hey, I’m Vaibhav. Nikhil’s friend! We were supposed to meet, weren’t we? What say to the Inorbit mall in Malad?” he asked.
Did she imagine it or his voice was sexy? Probably, it was sleep.
“Malad? Do you have any idea I live in Bandra?”
“I am already there. How soon can you make it?” he asked with a hint of impatience.
“Two hours.” she said. She had a feeling , arguing with him was not an intelligent thing to do.
“Two? It is not that far.” he protested.
“I have to get ready. Take it or leave it.” she said, her voice firm.
“Okay.” he obviously didn’t sound pleased but what the heck!
Two and a half hours later when she dragged herself to Inorbit, she realised she had no clue how she’d recognise Vaibhav. Thank God for Cellphones! Before she could call him, a deep, rich voice took her name.
And she turned. Turned to the most handsome guy in the world! For a few seconds she couldn’t breathe. He looked stunningly gorgeous. Deep black eyes, strong jaw line and a stubble that made his face look extremely sexy. And boy, was he tall! With a turquoise coloured shirt which showed off his perfect physique, sleeves folded till the elbows and black jeans, he looked like a model straight out of a magazine. He wasn’t exactly fair but wasn’t even dark. Something tugged at her heart but Navya dismissed it.

Two days with him. She knew it was going to be dangerous. Already she was so attracted to him. What happens when she falls for him hard? When the two days spent with him turns out to be the most wonderful days of her life which leaves her wanting for more! Will he really be "the one" for her? So what happens when he extends his stay but finally leaves for New Zealand?

P.S.: This is only a part. There is more to it. Keep reading!!