Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Not Twenty Four...

*This book will be enjoyed by all* -Times of India

*A must read* - Red FM

*Check it out* -MTV

Am I here to review the book? Am I here to criticise the book? No. I am here to tell you how awesome this book is. The book was out in September,2010 and I read it now. In August, 2011 and had I not read it, I seriously would have missed reading a masterpiece. 
The story is about a typical city girl, Saumya, who's placed with a leading company in a small town in Northern Karnataka, Toranagallu. Her life changes drastically. 
*How does a typical city girl, born and brought up in Delhi survive in a small town of Karnataka?
**What happens when she finds that the work she is doing will have an emotional effect on her?
***What happens when she meets an Indian hippie who stays at a place for three months and then leaves and falls in love with him?
****How does she cope with the loss of a friend?

Honestly, after I read the book I was left speechless. If you didn't know that the author is a guy, you'd never believe that the author IS a guy after you've read the book. No double meanings. 
The narration is by the female protagonist, Saumya. 
There is not one small point where the reader will get bored. The story is as interesting as it can get. It has everything that it should have. Beautifully written, awesome story-line, one of a kind. 
Hats off to Sachin Garg. Trust me, it is the best that I've read by an Indian author! 
So all you people out there who read this blog of mine and have not read the book yet, go grab a copy. And, you'll get it at a discount on 
P.S.: I would have given you my copy to read but then I believe this is one of those books which you must, MUST have. So buy it and I promise you'll love it. 
For those who've read it, let me know what you thought about it! :)


Abhaynoor Singh Puri said...

Great book ! definitely a 'must-read' material. Interesting overall. Highlights some very important points of life. The main character of Saumya is very well written; the weakness the strength potrayed well. Just wished the ending was all clear. But as its said mystery is a writer's favorite code. Hats off to sachin garg for this masterpiece.

Vikas said...

read it on aftr reading dis post of urs Anu....
Seriously *jhakasss* novel it is... \m/

I am missing Shubro dez dayz.. :-/ :P

Soumyadeep said...

going to order that very soon...nice review...Anuranjani...

Anuranjani said...

Thank you Soumyadeep. I promise it'll be worth it! :)