Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Confused Confession

I changed my blog's name. I changed my blog template too. For the simple reason that this suits me more. I am one confused character. My BFF calls me the confused-est person on Earth. I have always agreed to it, silently, never accepted it. But, it's time now that I did. Time now thatt I confessed to it. Yes, I am confused. To the core. Simple things confuse me. When it comes to choices, I leave them on the people I trust. And, when it is absolutely necessary for me to make a choice, well,  it takes me an eternity to make one. 

From simple things like, choosing the colour of paint for my room to important life-changing decisions like choosing the right guy for myself, I always find some thing, some small point and manage to get confused. And, so I have decided, never in my life, will I even think of  love marriage. Yesterday evening my BFF said, It's an art which only you know. Only you can get confused this easily and to that extent. I mean "what to eat first?" Seriously? Take a bow Anuranjani Verma. 
It's my birthday in a few days and, no, I am not confused about that. :P
This thing, this confusion is like an ever-haunting problem. Something I can never get rid of. Sometimes I get totally frustrated with myself. My head aches and I want to throw away, leave everything and run away to a place where there never arises a chance of any decision to be made and I can live peacefully. 

Anyway, it is my birthday in a few days (yeyeyeye! ahem!) and Ma's getting me new clothes. [Clothes are her department and the rest- Dad's!]  She asked me this morning, What do you want for your birthday? Something traditional or like always-Jeans?
I sighed and since I did not want to think and I wasn't even sure as to what I really wanted, I said, BOTH. Only if all the decisions in life were so simple.
When a year and a half ago, I had to decide between English Honours and Law, I chose law. Again, I sometimes do regret choosing law since Literature was always my love. 
This or that. Here or there. 
I called up my best friend in the morning and we were talking about some cute guy in her college when all of a sudden, she said: Thank God, You aren't confused between Him and Her. 
Now, That is insulting! :|



confused soul said...

hey there..cute post...and guess what I'm a confused soul, myself! waah isn't that obvious.. LOL :P .. btw the color scheme is a l bit harsh on the eyes. Makes it difficult to read and font is too small.. Could you do something about that.. Like your afternoon blog look more friendsly.. JUST SAYING! Hope I haven't offended you.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Oh and happy b'day in advance... Go shop! :D

Anuranjani said...

Haha. Thank you. :D

No offence taken. Thanks for the suggestion. I was experimenting. Sorry for the inconvienience!

And, thank you.
P.S.: I Hate Shopping.
P.P.S.: Thanks for dropping by My Blog! :D

TheBluntBlogger said...

women are always confused :D enjoy the confusion and use it as an excuse to get more stuff....i have exploited the confusion in buying half a dozen pair of shoes at one go ;) as long as it solves the purpose we are good, no? ;)

confused soul said...

oiii cool :D .. I'm following :)

suvaiba said...

thankyou so much for the follow up and that precious comment of yours ..!
well let me just say
i am so much like you
leaving the paint part coz i have my fav colors :P
but yes we are quite similar, i wil be changing my blog's name soon and i have changed the background way toooo many times in the past 2 weeks :P
temme the date tooo na?? :P
and that was pretty an insult :P

Anuranjani said...

Chintan di: Only this confusion gets on my nerve sometimes. Otherwise, it's all good. :P

@CS: Thank you! :)

@Suvaiba: Your blog's wonderful. :)
I was so thinking of a name ever since I started blogging. And, then I came up with, NOTHING! So, I thought, To Hell With The Name. And, about the background, I change it all the time. I get bored too soon! :P
Thank You for the Budday wishes. It's on the 13th of this month. One very 'Lucky' Number it is. :P
Yes. That Was an insult. I am still to recover from the injury the insult has inflicted! :P

Rahul Bhatia said...

A sweet post! Enjoy your birthday!

Cяystal said...

Hahaha! Nahi baby, itna confused nahi hone ka. Acha nahi hota. BFF is right! Atleast khaane peene mei you can start having serious favourites so it ain't a problem. :S And hahaha at the guy or girl part.. =D
And, this blog template is naice. Plus, the more i think picture is adorable. Change the placement though? Just a suggestion. And you know what, To Hell with the name is an awesome name indeed. SO unique haha :D
and yayieee, when is your birthday? What can we do to make yuo happy? A post or a picture? Bwahah get confused again :P
And great, you're a Scorpion. :)

Rahul said...

:-) he he......loved this post...altho I don't understand what's there to be so confused about....every decision of ours will have good or bad consequences...and those consequences ain't totally under our control...;-) so dont worry too much over your choices...just go along with them...

Raj said...

i once knew a girl called confusion personified. she was awesome. eventually with the years, the confusion ceased. the awesomeness grew. and shes still awesome.

*based on a true story.*

enjoy being you whatever that may be while u can. and as it is, who doesn't like a good mystery? :)

nikhimenon said...

new to yur soace..btw advanced b day wishes

Anuranjani said...

@Rahul Ji: Thank You. :)

@Cяystal: Thank You. :D I dunno where to put the picture though. Ideas?
Haha! I know. Awesome, no?
Both. A post and a picture. Will make me sooooper happy! :D 13th of November, it is! :D

@Rahul: Thank You! :D And, I get confused for no reason at all. Nothing helps. :P

@Raj: Thanks for dropping by. :) I don't know if I am awesome. Or if the confusion will ever cease but I am fine with it. :P *sour grapes*

@Bikhil: Thank You! :)

Siddhartha Joshi said...

The last line...hahaha! Your friend has some sense of humour :)

Anuranjani said...

@Siddhartha: Aah! Plenty of that! :|