Friday, June 17, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! Part-III

scroll down and reat part one and part two before you read this.!
On the train from Malad to bandra, there was just one thing, rather one person on her mind- Vaibhav. She remembered how reluctant she was in the morning and smiled at how she had totally enjoyed the day. She had almost wished that the day had never ended.
The moment she entered her room, her phone buzzed and it was a message, from Vaibhav.
She immediately replied. “just did. where r u?”
“at the hotel. so u will be there by ten, right.”
“of course, i will.”
“okay, see u tomorrow then. Good Night.”
“good night. "
Marine Drive! One of the most beautiful places on Earth! She had been in Mumbai for three months now but she still hadn’t had the chance to be there. Just then, Saumya, her friend and room-mate entered the room.
“Nikhil’s called for about the twelfth time, now. Why aren’t you taking his calls?”
She had seen the missed calls on the train and had thought of calling him once she reached home, but, with one message from Vaibhav, she had totally forgotten about calling him.
Idiot. She scolded herself.
“Will call him right away!” she assured her friend.
“You better do. And oh, by the way, I was at the Inorbit today. Saw you dancing. I now know why you don’t dance. Pathetic, your moves were.” she laughed.
In response, Navya just stuck her tongue out.
“And, and, the guy you were with was hot. Vaibhav?”
“Yes.” she said.
“Hot.” she said thoughtfully. “Dinner’s here. I ordered Chinese.” she smiled.
“I am not exactly hungry.” Navya shrugged.
“What did you do to I-am-always-hungry-for-Chinese- Navya?” Saumya asked with mock concern.
Navya rolled her eyes as she dialled Nikhil’s number. Saumya exited the room as Navya gestured for her to be quite.
“Where were you, the entire day?" asked Nikhil, as soon as he received her call.
“I forgot to put the cell on general. It’s been on silent the whole day.” she said, apologetically.
“Okay.! Well, did you meet Vaibhav?” he asked.
“Yes, I did.” she replied.
“Meeting him again, tomorrow?”
“Okay. I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”
This had become a daily routine. One call in the morning, one at night and an occasional call during the day, and surprisingly it did not bother her in the least.
She woke up at seven in the morning and surprised herself. Navya was not a morning person and this was one thing she did not miss about  home. She did not have to get up early. She chose a yellow top and blue jeans and got ready before time. She checked herself in the mirror twice before leaving for the station. At Churchgate she took a taxi to Marine Drive. The weather was pleasant, a cool breeze was blowing and for some reason she felt extremely happy.
She was standing there, admiring the beauty when she heard his voice.
“I see you’re early.”
She turned back, startled.
“You love doing this? Scaring people?”
“Let’s just say, this is a special favour to you.” he smiled.
“You cannot even imagine how privileged I feel.” she said making a face.
He laughed at this. If she thought he looked handsome yesterday, he looked mirror smashingly good today. He had a flawless physique. But what really attracted her was the smile. Every time he smiled, she felt something. She didn’t know exactly what, but it sure did take her breath away. This is what happens in books and movies not in real life. She thought.
For a little while, they just walked. Then suddenly Vaibhav turned to face her and said.
“Are you getting bored? I mean, bringing you here? You must have been here several times.” he said.
“Actually, I have never been here before. For some reason our plans always got cancelled.” she admitted.
“Oh! Then you’re lucky that I decided to visit Mumbai.” he winked.
“Yeah!. I am so grateful to you.” she said rolling her eyes.
“Still, wouldn’t you have preferred coming here with Nikhil?” he asked seriously.
Nikhil? She had not thought about Nikhil even once since morning and that made her feel guilty.
“Of Course! “ she lied. “But I am not here with Nikhil. I am here with you and since this is my first time here, let me enjoy it.” she said, pretending to be irritated.

He just smiled and shrugged. They walked to the Chowpatty Beach, coming across lots of small parks, good spots to sit down and immerse oneself in the beauty of nature and watch the world go by. They sat down, their feet digging into the sand. They talked about everything under the sun, from movies to politics, from his family to her family, from developing to developed economies, even.
“So, you never had a girlfriend?” she asked, surprised.
“Nope. Not one.” he said.
She was surprised. How could he have, of all the people, never been in a relationship? Surely, he must have been approached by girls. As if reading her thoughts,
“A lot of girls did ask me out.” he said, not sounding very pleased with the fact.
“Then why not?” she asked.
He just shrugged. Then suddenly he said, “Will you be my girlfriend for today?”
“Only if you swim to that boat over there.” she laughed pointing to a boat very far from the coast.
“Promise?” he asked.
“Don’t say no later, then.” he winked, as he stood up.

... to be continued.

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