Sunday, June 12, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy!

So much for not falling for the wrong person, again! The last time she broke up, she decided she would choose her guy carefully the next time. She sure had a tendency to fall for all the wrong people in the world. Her supposed love-life was one hell of a disaster. Not that it mattered much to her. One reason why it didn’t, was because, she never loved the person. It was love always on the other side. For her it was only attraction although everytime she convinced herself that, this time, it was love for her.
When she said a “yes” to Nikhil and her best friend raised her eye-brows she tried to convince her, in –a-way convincing herself that he really was “the one”. Everything worked just fine for them both, back here in Patna but things got pretty bad when they both took admission in their respective colleges- in different cities. Navya in Mumbai- the city of dreams and Nikhil in Bangalore!
Given how she looked- tall (5’8”), dusky, long jet-black hair, beautiful, expressive eyes, and a figure to kill for, she attracted, without even realising, boys in herds. She was the hottest, sexiest and the most gorgeous girl on campus. She was asked for dates, she rejected all. She wasn’t interested and so, she was sure that what she had for Nikhil, was real. But, who was she fooling? Not even two months and already she found something missing in their relationship.
Nikhil’s friend was visiting Mumbai for two days and he needed some showing around. After a lot of coaxing from Nikhil, Navya agreed. She’d agreed only because Nikhil had really wanted her to. What did he say his friend’s name was? Vaibhav?
Next day, while she was still sleeping, her phone vibrated. She had an impulse to ignore the call, but she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to meet Vaibhav.
“Hello?” she said groggily.
“Hey, I’m Vaibhav. Nikhil’s friend! We were supposed to meet, weren’t we? What say to the Inorbit mall in Malad?” he asked.
Did she imagine it or his voice was sexy? Probably, it was sleep.
“Malad? Do you have any idea I live in Bandra?”
“I am already there. How soon can you make it?” he asked with a hint of impatience.
“Two hours.” she said. She had a feeling , arguing with him was not an intelligent thing to do.
“Two? It is not that far.” he protested.
“I have to get ready. Take it or leave it.” she said, her voice firm.
“Okay.” he obviously didn’t sound pleased but what the heck!
Two and a half hours later when she dragged herself to Inorbit, she realised she had no clue how she’d recognise Vaibhav. Thank God for Cellphones! Before she could call him, a deep, rich voice took her name.
And she turned. Turned to the most handsome guy in the world! For a few seconds she couldn’t breathe. He looked stunningly gorgeous. Deep black eyes, strong jaw line and a stubble that made his face look extremely sexy. And boy, was he tall! With a turquoise coloured shirt which showed off his perfect physique, sleeves folded till the elbows and black jeans, he looked like a model straight out of a magazine. He wasn’t exactly fair but wasn’t even dark. Something tugged at her heart but Navya dismissed it.

Two days with him. She knew it was going to be dangerous. Already she was so attracted to him. What happens when she falls for him hard? When the two days spent with him turns out to be the most wonderful days of her life which leaves her wanting for more! Will he really be "the one" for her? So what happens when he extends his stay but finally leaves for New Zealand?

P.S.: This is only a part. There is more to it. Keep reading!!

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