Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mood-spoiler Mornings!

I hate mornings, more than I hate Rakhi Sawant and trust me that is a big thing.! Monday mornings are hated by a lot of people but I hate each morning equally. Try waking me early in the morning on an off day and I promise you, you'll be inviting some serious trouble. I mean, who wants to get up in the morning.? Damn my sleeping pattern. Sleep refuses to come to me at night and my eyes refuse to see the light in the mornings. Weird! I missed school and my mother would scold me. Now, I miss college and my mother still scolds me. Hey! I don't do that intentionally. It is just that, it is a little difficult getting up in the morning. Okay, okay! Very difficult. Who gets up at seven in the morning and starts studying? Well, my friend does. Weird, I tell you.
Well, I am back at home for the vacations and yes, I am happy. Everything is fantastic, except the part where I have to get up every morning, latest by eight. EIGHT! Imagine! God! How I wish I never had to go for that Internship thing at the Human Rights Commission. I have to be there by ten. Which office starts at ten? Okay, don't answer that. Needless to say, I am always late. Not my fault though. Told ya, my eyes refuse to open to the morning light! Every morning it's the same.  Mom starts waking me up at eight. That sucks coz I sleep at around four. Again, not my fault. Sleep evades me at that time. I guess, I am a vampire. Well, okay! A girl can always imagine! Anyway, back to the routine. Mom asks me to get up, exactly at eight. I get up and sit, eyes, still shut. As soon as mum leaves the room, I am back to sleep, comfortably! At nine-thirty, when mom shouts at me, I get up finally. I stagger to the living room, sit on the couch and sleep again. At about nine- forty, I am shoved out of the couch! Ruthlessly! By the time, I am ready to leave, it is already ten-thirty. I reach the office at about eleven, dodge the boss and sign my attendance. Phewww!!!!
I really hate the mornings, such mood-spoilers they are! Don't you think so?

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