Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! Part-VI

Read the other parts? If not, scroll down and read those before starting with this one!
“Sorry. Excuse me. I need to use the washroom.” she said as she burst out laughing.
“Alright.” Vaibhav said, although his eyes begged her not to go.
She shrugged, gave him her sweetest smile, looked at Tia, winced and headed towards the washroom.  As soon as she entered the washroom, her phone rang. Nikhil.
“Hi. I know you are with Vaibhav but I need to talk to you about something really important. And it has to be now. So step aside and talk to me first.”
“You alone?”
“Yes. Now tell me.”
“Look, umm.. I don’t how to tell you this, but...”
“You want to break up with me?”
“Yes.  Look, I am sorry...”
“Cut it. And thank you.”
“Thank you?” Nikhil asked, genuinely surprised.
“Yeah. I was going to tell you this, anyway.”
“You were? I thought you loved me.”
“As much as You loved me?”
“I think it was a bad idea. We were a bad idea.” he sighed.
“Right. I need to go. Bye. Take Care.” she said.
“Hey, are you crying?”
“Why would I?” she snorted.
“No. I just thought...”
“Stop thinking so much. Bye.” she said and disconnected the call.
So, she was dumped. First time in her life! Wasn’t she supposed to feel bad? Was she feeling bad? No. On the contrary she was feeling quite relieved! She was single. And she didn’t feel the guilt of dumping someone. But, she was Single again. AGAIN! Another failed relationship, another wrong choice.  “No more relationships for me.” she said to herself as she walked to the table where Tia, the Barbie, was still flirting with Vaibhav. As she looked at Vaibhav, she felt a whirlpool of emotions. Were any of those emotions love?
“Didn’t you take a little too long?” Vaibhav asked sweetly but she could see the frustration in his eyes.
She watched as Tia, tried to kiss Vaibhav. Okay, that was enough.
“You know, you can’t really kiss my date, especially when I am right here.” Navya said and both of them looked at her in surprise.
“Date?” Tia croaked.
“Yes. Date. That’s what I have been trying to tell you since so long. Now, please excuse us. We like to eat our food while it is still hot.” Vaibhav said to Tia, all the while looking at Navya with an amused grin.
Mental Note: Never look at him while he is smiling, especially when you’re standing.
Tia looked at both of them in turns and then at Navya and scowled and left without saying a word.
“So what’s with Barbie doll and you?” asked Navya as she took her place.
“What’s with you and me on a date?” he asked, smiling.
Her heart skipped a beat at the smile. Bad heart!
“I asked you a question first. And that was an attempt to save you. Sorry if you didn’t want to be saved.” she said dryly.
“Oh, come on.! I owe you. Thank you so much for that.” he said seriously at which she couldn’t help but grin.
Why am I grinning like a teenager? she asked herself.
“Maybe because you are a teenager?” Vaibhav replied, laughing.
Only then did she realise that she had asked the question out loud.
Damn it!
“You didn’t tell me about Tia.” she tried to change the topic.
“She was my junior in school. She had a crush on me and my dear friends gave her my number and told her that I loved her but didn’t have courage enough to approach her.” he said.
“Aww.. poor you.” she said barely controlling her laughter.
“Yeah, funny isn’t it.”
“Very.” she laughed.
They ate their food and fought over the bill. Navya won. Surprise, surprise!  By the time they left the restaurant, it was six.
“Hey, I’ll have to rush now. My flight leaves at nine.”  Vaibhav said and Navya stopped smiling.
“Yeah. You should leave.” she said, bringing back that lost smile.
“Looking forward to more such DATES.” she said.
“Are you flirting with me?” Vaibhav winked.
“Can I not? Especially now that I am single?” she asked and laughed at the clear surprise on his face.
“Single? You broke-up? I am sorry!” he said.
“Hey! Do I look like I am sorry?” she asked.
“Today, when you were busy kissing the Barbie doll.” she teased.
“You mean, while I was being molested.” he said pretending to be hurt.
She laughed.
They took a taxi to her apartment. He got out of the taxi at the same time she did.
“So, do I get to kiss my date who is now single and I hope, available.” he asked.
“Yes. You do.” she played along.
He bent and kissed her on her lips. Her heart stopped beating or so she felt.
“I’ll miss you.” he said.
“I’ll miss you too.” she said.


Ashish said...

You are a wonderful story teller! Just read all the parts. Had I not, I would have missed out on something great! Exquisite. Your vivid detailing is something you can be proud of!

Commendable ! Take a bow!

Anuranjani said...

Thank you so much Ashish! Means a lot! :)

Ashish said...

That's the least I can do . :) Keep Posting. This is super stuff!

Anuranjani said...

Sure will! :) Keep Reading!! :D

Karthik said...

Hmmm.... what should I say... you made me read 6 blogs of yours at a stretch so early morning... I would have gone deep sleep if it was some study material. atleast that didn't happen when I was reading the blog of yours. ;) keep writing, you have the talent which has to be appreciated. :)