Sunday, June 26, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! Part V

(I hope you've read the other parts before you read this one)
They talked till one and would have continued if Vaibhav had not run out of balance.
“I’ll call you back. I have balance.” she said.
She waited for him to say something else but when he didn’t, she asked
“Yes, Vaibhav?”
“Idiot, my phone is on roaming.”
“Oh yes! Sorry.” She laughed.
“See you tomorrow, then. Good Night.”
“At 10! Yes. Good Night.”
She was smiling when her phone rang again. She was surprised to see it was Vishakha.
“Fought with Akshay, again?”
Akshay was Vishakha’s boyfriend and if you’re wondering who Vishakha is, then let me tell you she is Navya’s best friend. Yes, the same best friend who raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes when Navya had told her about Nikhil and herself. Vishakha was always busy at night. Free Reliance to Reliance calls, you see and called Navya at night only when she had a big fight with Akshay.
“Where were you busy? I’ve been calling you since an hour.”
Uh-oh! She didn’t know about Vaibhav. Problem was, Navya didn’t know about Vaibhav.
“A question for a question? Not allowed.” she tried to change the topic.
“Answer me Navya. Who were you talking to? Nikhil’s called me thrice because your phone was busy. You know I hate talking to him.” she huffed.
True! Vishakha had never liked Nikhil. And she absolutely hated him. Reason, still unknown. Every time Navya asked her about him, she changed the topic. She had once said that Nikhil was Navya’s biggest mistake.
“Err... umm.. actually was talking to Vaibhav.” Navya said.
“Vaibhav? Sorry. Doesn’t ring a bell.” Vishakha replied in dry tone.
“Vaibhav is this friend of Nikhil’s who’s here in Mumbai for a few days and needed someone to show him around and Nikhil asked me to help him. Tomorrow is his last day. So we were deciding where to meet.” Navya said in a go.
“Since an hour? Anyway, we will discuss this in detail later. I have to go now. I have Akshay on hold. Talk to you tomorrow and stay away from this Vaibhav. Also, don’t call Nikhil back. Love you. Bye.” she said as she disconnected the call.
“Love you too.” Navya said to herself.
She met Vaibhav at the Bandra station in the morning. They had not decided where they would go so they wandered just like that. When Vaibhav held her hand while crossing the road, she had a feeling she couldn’t understand. He seemed to notice everything, no one had ever cared about.
Vaibhav actually noticed everything about Navya, and this feeling was new to him. He noticed how she was allergic to dust, how every time she saw a large vehicle she cringed, how her expression changed every time she saw a poor child. And, he realised that he was falling for her. Why had he stayed? Why did he feel attracted to her with even more force every passing second? Why did his heart feel the way it was feeling now? Bad, bad heart!
“You want to shop?” they were in outside a Levi’s showroom with many more shops around.
She rolled her eyes and said very slowly, “Vaibhav, I. Hate. Shopping.”
He looked at her like she had just told him that she was a vampire.
“What? Actually you know, I can do with some food. No. A lot of food!” She said, pulling him to the nearest restaurant.
He followed her to her the restaurant with a baffled smile. As they sat there looking through the menu cards Vaibhav asked her, “You hate shopping, you don’t like to dance and you are always hungry. What kind of girl are you, if you are one that is?”
She laughed before replying, “First, not all girls love shopping. Second, I like to dance, I just don’t know how to dance. And, third, yes, I am always hungry. Can’t help it. And, of course, I am a girl.”
He was about to retort when he saw a girl moving towards them. His eyes widened and he barely whispered, “Hide me!”
“Too big to be hidden.” she laughed.
“Babyyyyyy! What are you doing here?” came a girl’s voice from behind Navya.
Vaibhav winced at her voice and said, “Tia! Hi! And call me Vaibhav, please.”
Tia ignored the last part of his sentence and continued, “Hey Babyyyy!! How come you are here and who is this Barbie doll?”
She eyed Navya. It was Navya’s turn to wince, now. She looked at herself in the glass door. A blue, collared, Reebok t-shirt, black jeans and Nike sports shoes! She definitely did not look like a Barbie Doll. On the contrary, the girl who had just called her a Barbie doll was covered in pink, the shade of which pricked the eyes. A pink top, pink short skirt and pink sandals, not to mention her pink lip-gloss.! Eww.. Navya thought. Although the way she called Vaibhav “Baby” and the way he reacted, clearly amused her.
“Vaibhav! Call me Vaibhav, please.”
She clearly didn’t like it.
“Vaibhav baby...” and this time she was interrupted by Navya.
“Sorry. Excuse me. I need to use the washroom.” she said as she burst out laughing.
P.S.: Keep checking for the sixth part!

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