Monday, October 31, 2011

The Blue-Eyed Boy

Internship in Mumbai was supposed to be fun. Beaches, discs, shopping, nightlife, movie-sets, etc were the things they had imagined. Extended work-hours, working weekends and no time to breathe was what they got.
Someone has rightly said: Being a lawyer is not an easy job.
It was almost a month and they were yet to get one free weekend and by the time they reached home, they were so tired, there was no scope of any nightlife.
It was a not-so-busy day, that day. They signed into the group chat.

Ananya: He is so freaking cute... ^_^
Ashna: So?
Vyom: Who?  :O
Ashna: The new guy in the office.
Vyom: He's not new. He's on the board of directors.
Ashna: What?!
Ananya: What!?
Vyom: Yes.
Ananya: Whatever! He is cute.
Ashna: What's cute in him? White as milk.  His lips are so pink.
Vyom: Exactly.
Ananya: His smile. The dimple. The voice. Aahhh, I died when he talked to me yesterday. And his EYES!! They are so blue. *_*
Ashna: The only good thing. I like the eyes.
Vyom: GIRLS!!! :x

The next few days were spent in the usual manner. All Ananya talked about was, The Blue-Eyed Boy.
They were sitting in the cafeteria when their blue-eyed boy came to them. Vyom and Ashna excused themselves.
"He asked me for my number." Ananya informed both of them animatedly.
"And, you refused." Vyom teased.
"Ha ha! Funny."

*Blue-Eyed Boy Calling*
"Hello?" Ananya said, holding her breath.
"Hey. I hope I am not disturbing." he said in his honey-smooth voice.
"Not at all." she said.
They talked for about an hour.
"Hey, before I hang up, I want to ask you something." he said.
Was he going to ask her out?
She kept him on hold, danced a little, called Ashna and then resumed the call, putting the phone on speaker.
They both heard with bated breaths.
"Umm.. if you don't mind me telling this. Is your friend single?"
Both their hearts sank. What!? Ashna mouthed. He doesn't even know me. Shucks!
"Err.. Yes." Ananya said, not wanting to talk anymore.
"Good. Because I really like him," he said.

Ananya and Ashna looked at each other. HIM!?

"Excitement mei galat bol gaya hoga yaar," Ashna said.

"Him?" Ananya asked him.
"Yes. Vyom is so freaking cute."

Sometimes life plays silly jokes on people. :P

P.S.: I have no clue what made me write this.


Cяystal said...

Hahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
I was laughing at the PS. Then at what I thought he'd say which was neither about asking either of the girls out, or about him being gay =))
No offence to the community but I read this somewhere-All the guys you'd ever like would be taken, gay or too stupid.
Did this happen with someone you know or maybe you? Cos I laughed like hell.
Anyway. Irrespective of his orientation- He sounded charming, no? Blue eyes are such assets man. I know a girl with gray eyes and I feel awed looking at her face on occasions and then again, I'm straight so no luck. Okay I should stop blabbering, whatever reason you wrote this for. Me likeyyyyyy! :D

Rahul said...

the description made him sound like edward from twilight....:-P but hell, liked the unexpected twist at the end..gooood jaaaab,gal!!!:-D

Red Handed said...

All cute guys are gay!! :(

Anuranjani said...

@Ayushi: Na re. And, I don't want this to happen with me, EVER! The disappointment. Baba re. As it is, I have a weak heart. :P
I know. Blue eyes. Beautiful.
I know. Gray eyes are just so attractive, no? I have a friend too and he's a HE! :D Committed, though. Glad you liked it! Thank You! :D

@Rahul: Edward aah! <3 Notice that I am talking about Edward and NOT Robert.
I swear I was not thinking about him when I was writing this. Or the blue-eyed boy would've been The golden-eyed boy. :P
Thank You, so much! :D

@Red: I am glad you commented! :)
And yes, All cute guys are gay! :(

Spaceman Spiff said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha!! Sooper I say! :D


by this i came to know ki girls bhi hamari tarah hi....;)
nicely encoded...

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

buwahahahhahahhaha :D i was thinking this in my mind..!! he should turn out gay and would be fun and viola..!! :D :D