Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love all Along.

He smiled. A smile meant only for her. Her heart skipped a million beats. He had the most amazing smile, in the whole entire world. If smiles could kill, she would have died a thousand deaths by now.
“Thank you.” She muttered as she took the paper from his hands. As the hands brushed and the eyes met, she stopped breathing.
She quickly turned.
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.  She commanded herself and took in a deep breath.
They were in the same class. Since the last two years and for the next three!
“Err… Akrishta?” he called out to her.
The paper almost fell from her hands. He knew her name.
Of Course, he does. Silly. You’re both in the same class.
He had this effect on her. Only he did.
“Yes, Ayan?” she managed.
“Would you mind explaining me these questions? I scored zero. See?” He said, making a face, showing her the paper in his hand.
“Umm… Sure!” She said.
“Okay. Meet me in the Food Court after this class?” he asked, smiling.
Food Court. 3 p.m
“You get the point?” she asked him for the tenth time now.
“Na. Not yet.” He replied.
He didn’t because he was not trying to. He was busy listening to her voice. For the first time in the two years that he knew her, did he hear her say so much.
He didn’t want to let this opportunity go. He wanted to tell her. But he knew she did not feel the same for him. In two years’ time she had hardly ever looked at him. He knew the answer. 
This girl had her heart since the first day he had seen her. Every time he tried talking to her, something or the other stopped him.
He gave the thought, another thought. Should he really tell her and accept the rejection which was going to come his way or let it be and never know what she felt?
What the heck! He thought.
“… so the balance of power…” she was saying.
“I want to ask something really important,” he said, with all seriousness.
“Yes?” she asked.
Every time their eyes met, she felt a rush of emotions. Love.
“I love you. Do you love me?” he asked, looking straight into her eyes.
She blinked. And blinked again.
Did he just say what she just heard?
All the while his hands were clenched tightly, in anticipation. Why do girls take so much time to answer? What if she says no?
She said nothing. Her heart was doing flip-flops. It was beating so fast, she thought it’d jump out.
“Yes,” she said meekly. What if she’d not heard him correctly. What if he’d asked something about the “balance of power”?
For the first time in a few minutes, he breathed. For the first time in two years he sighed in relief. For the first time in two years, he looked into her eyes and realized it was love all along. He just had to see it. Love. The most beautiful feeling, ever. Love for him meant her and for her meant him.
They smiled at each other. They held each others’ hands.
His smile still is the most amazing in the whole, entire world and her heart still skips a beat every time he smiles. Only for her. 


sarabose said...

Beautiful and inspirational!
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Vikas said...

dhinchak ek dum <3 :)

Rahul said...


Meera said...

OMG.. that was so sweet! that is the magic of love!

Anuranjani said...

@sarabose: Thank you! :)

@Rahul: Gee! Thanks! :D

@Meera: Thank you so much! And, yes. Love is magical! <3

Cяystal said...

* For the first time in a few minutes, he breathed. For the first time in two years he sighed in relief.

I smiled. SO wide. :D
Me loves thee. <3

Anuranjani said...

Ayushi: me loves thee too.! ;)
And, thankiieeeee!!! :D :*

Kunal said...

If only, it can be perfect like this every time. :)

Sigh..sometimes, it is not.

Anuranjani said...

Most of the times it is not.
Some people are pure lucky. :)