Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Lady in My Life

I miss her when she is away. Her smile is the most beautiful, in the world. Her voice is the sweetest. She is The Most Important Person in my Life. She is sweet. She is pretty. She is Cute. She is the most beautiful girl. Her smile takes my heart away. I can hear her speak, forever and ever.
I come back home after months and the first thing I do, is visit her. I am no more tired. When she sees me and smiles- Ahh, that feeling! When she rushes towards me, I can see no one but her.
And, when she says, "I Lubbbbb You," I am the happiest person.

She is my two year old niece- Zara. My princess. My love!     


Vikas said...

Pari :)

Rahul said...

Say 'hi' to ur princess for me,will you???:-)

Cяystal said...

I love the name I love the name ZARA! How the hell did you read my mind? :O
She is indeed the prettiest <3

Anuranjani said...

@Rahul: I will. For sure! :)

@Ayushi: Haha! I love the name too. And, yes. She is THE prettiest!

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

Zara is cute.. :)
The sweetness of a baby often touches our heart in blissful ways.

Anuranjani said...

Yes Reicha! She is cute. The cutest of all! ;)

The life-a-holic said...

She is really cute!! And yes I know how you feel coz the man in my life is my two-going-to-be-three nephew!!!