Friday, October 28, 2011

It's you. Forever!

“I can absolutely not understand why my brother has to behave like a complete jack-ass at times. Do you know?” Siya came into the room like a tornado and one look at her told me that the volcano was about to burst!
“What?” I asked.
“Okay.” I said and returned back to the safety of the letter.
Okay? That’s all?” she looked at me and shouted.
How does she manage to shout with double energy every time, is still a mystery to me. I was about to ask what was wrong when she looked at the letter in my hand.
“The letter, huh!” she smiled.
“Don’t torture yourself, baby. Do what you feel like. Life isn’t about thinking so much. It is about doing. If you want to get back with him, then do so. Life is too short to sit and ponder.” She said.
And before I could say something, she went back from the romantic self to the crazy, angry-at-the-moment-self.
“What did he not agree to, this time?” I asked.
“Letting me go out with Saif.” She cried, her big, beautiful, brown eyes filling with tears.
Wow, I am always amazed at her capacity to cry. I mean, no matter what the reason, no matter how trivial a reason, she can cry. Such a drama queen she is. Where does she get all the tears from?
Just then her phone started ringing. Swapnil. Moving out of the room seemed to be the safest option but I couldn’t budge an inch from where I was sitting.  Thankyou Siya.
After a lot of shouting and screaming and crying and fighting, Siya smiled. I knew at the moment that Swapnil had relented.  That she was going out with this Saif guy.  When she kept the phone she gave me a victorious smile.
“Who is Saif, anyway?” I asked, genuinely intrigued by now.
“He.” Siya said pointing towards the laptop screen.
Okay. This guy was hot. Like, really, truly, absolutely hot. I mean, my eyes popped out. Wow. His profile picture on Facebook oozed sexiness. It was something I can never forget. White shirt and blue jeans.  An Indian version of Ian Somerhalder. The guy from the Trueblood Series? Yes. You got it right. Damon Salvatore. And, he was from my college? What? Why had I never seen him? Deep-gray eyes, a smile which left a deep gash in his right cheek and a face which was not shaved for almost about two days, made him absolutely sexy.
“Can I send him a friend request?” I asked Siya, still looking at the profile picture.
“He is mine” she replied.
“Just like all the other guys?” I asked and she stuck out her tongue at that.
“Why have I never seen him?” I asked still looking at the picture.
“Maybe because he is in the College of Engineering Studies and also because you’re too busy thinking about Amey all the time?” She replied.
“Whatever!” I said, still looking at the picture. 
Just then my phone rang. Amey. Everything else faded. I could only see his name on my phone. The conversation lasted for about six minutes, more than what I expected. 
After I kept the phone down, Siya said, "You know what? I think I should wear this one for the date. What d'you suggest?"
"Date?" I asked, confused.
"The one with Saif." she reminded me.
"Saif?" I asked, wondering aloud.
"Forget it." She sighed, made an overly dramatic face and went back to her pile of clothes.


The Solitary Writer said...

now this was one awesome writing. Good work!

Take Care

Rahul said...

#true story#????by any chance??:-)

Anuranjani said...

@Solitary Writer: Thank You so much!! :)

@Rahul: No. Not at all. :D

Cяystal said...

Ian Somerhalder. Ha ha! I almost "Oooh-ed" loudly when I read white shirt and blue jeans. I think any XYZ tattu phattu looks decently nice (and Somerhalderish people look insanely sexy) in those clothes AND AND black suit, white shirt ;)
And Siya is sucha drama queen. I love them, probably cos I am one.:D
And is this fiction/part fiction-part reality? Cos its awesome :D

Anuranjani said...

Haha. Siya is so much like me! ;)
And, let's not talk about guys, especially Somerhaldish guys in white short and blue jeans or black suit, white shirt.
And, well, this is 90% fiction and 10% reality. I know a guy who is THAT hot! *sigh*
Thank you, love! :*

Procrastinator said...

Hehe funny! I could never really understand the female psyche anyway.

Oh and by the way thanks for following my blog(also do let me know how you stumbled upon it, cause I don't think we know each other).

And here's me on Faceboook, and I'm sorry my dp does not ooze sexiness unless you like South Park and other animated shows.XD