Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alcholic Me.

Alcohol transports me into a different world altogether. I cry, I laugh, I talk, I complain, I am sarcastic(which I usually am not :( ) and I get all senti. I am at my best worst when I am drunk. I have never been drunk, really. One peg/shot is enough for me. It has this strange effect on me. Everything seems beautiful ugly. I find no faults in everyone. I am carefree stupid, confident and awesome weird.
I was talking to my dad this evening when he asked me, "So, what birthday plans?" and I was reminded of a birthday party, where I had a peg of Whiskey. Royal Challenge 350 or something of the sort. That was the day, I swore off alcohol. I had a shot of Vodka once and I had behaved, the exact same way I behaved that day. I had always believed that it was Vodka. With 70 percent alcohol content, what else do you expect? But, no. It's alcohol. I go crazy. I remember laughing madly for about eight minutes, without break., without any reason., at all. Yes, My friends were seeing the watch. I would have posted a photo of that day but my laptop's crashed.
I don't really remember what happened that day but I have my friends to remind me of all the stupidity. I remember staring at a cute guy with a date. That earned me some really nasty stares from the girl, though.
This is what happened at the party.

Me *trying to stand up*: I'll be back.
Friend 1: Where are you going?
Me *Still struggling*: The Washroom
Friend1 to Friend 2:  I think you should go.
Me *Raising my left  right hand: I am not incapable, okay?

After I came back from the washroom, where I was followed by my friend like a detective, I sat still, staring at my friend, who by the way is insanely hot.
He: Anu?
Me: Yes.
He: The food is there.
Me: You look yum!
*IMAGINE* I said THAT. TO HIM. I still cannot look him in the eyes. :|

A few minutes later, something else had my attention. This time, I wanted to act. I wanted to show my friends how my political science teacher walked and talked. EeeeEEEEEeeeee! Seriously, he is so funny. :D
But, I was stopped because of this conversation.
Friend: What's that thing on your plate, Anu?
Me *flashing a broad smile*: Chicken.
Friend: Isn't it yummy?
Me: Totally.
Friend: You want more?
Friend: Then finish it off. Quick.
Me: *starts eating*

When I came out of the restaurant, there were a few beggars. Now, I always have a soft corner for these poor people. I gave one of them my wallet, that had my debit card, my Driving License and Dad's credit card. Not to mention, eight hundred rupees.

Don't worry I got that wallet back. :D

P.S.: I swore off alcohol that day.

P.P.S.: I don't know why am I not able to upload pictures. :'(


The life-a-holic said...

Hahaha!!! Alcohol can create wonders huh??!! :P

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Hahahaha...this is hilarious! But I guess its all right to be so mad as long as you re with your friends and people you trust :) Also such sessions create memories which last forever...

Go ahead and enjoy another drink :)

The Updater said...

I've never tasted alcohol all my life. I don't think I ever will :)
But this post really made me laugh :)
Haha! :D YOU GAVE YOUR WALLET TO THE BEGGARS?! Craziness of the ultimate order :D

Gaya said...

Haha! Lucky beggars' I'd say :D

Even I have done some crazy things when inebriated! I actually feel asleep on the hostel floor which was wet(from dirty rain water) and I refused to get up when my friends tried helping me :P

First time visitor, btw. Do check out my blog!:)

confused soul said...

Hahaha you look said that,,,bwahahaha :D .. and the chicken part was funny :P .. alcohol can have quite an effect.. I've tried stuff, but never got high! But yes, I've had so many friends act stupid.. It;s fun really!

And I agree with Siddhartha as long as you're with people you can trust, it's fine.. :)

Red Handed said...

Line of the century.!! Ghhaahahahahahahah!
I like you drunk! I once did hookah for like 4 hours and then I got up to wash my face and my friends found me with my head inside the wash basin and me snoring standing up :P

Anuranjani said...

@The life-a-holic: Yes. WONDERS! *sigh*

@Siddhartha: Thank You. Yes. I agree. But then, I can imagine the embarrassment they had to face with me behaving the way I was. As for the drink, I guess I will have another one, soon! :P

@The Updater: Haha! Yes, I did. How I got it back is another story. :P Glad, that this post made you laugh.

@Gaya: Not so lucky beggars! I had my wallet back! :D
Oh God! Things we do when we are High! :D Welcome to the blog. :)

@CS: I get High. Very Soon. One peg/ shot and the work's done. :P
I know. So, that is the only time I agree to something like this! :P

@Red: I know. Imagine the embarrassment! His, at that moment! :P
Gee, Thanks! :D Wow. I still have to try Hookah! Awww... poor friends! Poor You. :P
Also. thank you for the follow up! :)

Anonymous said...

one shot :| got to meet me. i am not down even after 8 shots and some odd cocktails....but yeah i went back home and told my man, i had three..rums while i had two!

sometimes one shot gives a hard kick...sometimes no amount of alcohal works :)

am glad u got the wallet back ;) whats wrong with the photo upload? can i help? i would do anything to see a drunk girl :P

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, that three rums i told was by showing the fingers..i showed two fingers and said three rums :D

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Haha...have fun, and have an alcoholic birthday :)

Raajii said...

hehe... the things that alcohol makes us do. I have so many friends going through so much worse and so much funnier too.

But be careful... lets just be safe :)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

I've always wished Alcohol would have some effect on me and there would be some fun involved but no luck as yet. Watching drunk people in their 'candid performances' is a recent hobby I`ve adopted.

Bubbly post this was and I reckon so is your blog. Will be stalking your space.

Spaceman Spiff said...

:D :D :D :D
"You look yum!"
(Sorry, I don't use LOL, hence the haha's. :P)
We should totally drink together some day. Fun it'll be. :P
I tend to blabber a lot once I'm high (I never get drunk, only happy high. What's the point in drinking if you completely blank out?). I giggle, I laugh, and if I have the right company, I also dance.
And I try as much as possible not to go elsewhere and drink. I prefer makking a fool of myself at my house with only my friends as spectators.
Sooper post! :D
Have a look at this post and tell me where you fit in. :P

Anuranjani said...

@Chintan di: 8 shots. The world may come to an end, once I have 8 shots. :P
Don't worry, I'll show you my drunk photo. Soon. :P

@Siddhartha: Thanks! :D

@Rajii: Yes. Strange things alcohol makes you do. :P
Thanks for dropping by. :)

@Atrocious Scribblings: Don't worry. I'll pray for you. I hope you get totally wasted, someday soon! :P
Thank You. Hope to see you around. :)
Thanks for the follow up! And, you're free to stalk! ;)

@Spaceman Spiff: I like Hahas better than those short forms! :D
Oh. Anyday. We'd need people around then. Otherwise, the world may just disappear! :P
I do, all sorts of things. Dancing is something, I can never do. Even when I totally drunk! :|
House? Drinking? Nuh-uh! Parents. :|
Thanks for the follow up. :D
And, the post. On it!! :D

the other side of me said...

hahhahahah..that was incredibly cuteeeeeeee
and i have no idea how i will behave with alcohol..never tried that before and you are cute when you got drunk ;)
and to hell with the just an awesome title..

owh i like you already :D

Suruchi said...

"You look yum" reaalllyyy:-)
and one shot does it for me too..I loved how the real feelings were cut off in so many sentences...alcohol is blissful many a times when you want to let your hair down n party-but itna hair down that you give away your belongings needs a bit of swearing off actuallyc:-)

Anuranjani said...

@TOSM: :D Thank you. And, try it. ;)
I never thought I'd totally lose it after a shot! :/
Thank You and Thank You! :D

@Suruchi: Yes. "You look yum." :P
Thank You and seriously, alcohol and me aren't meant to be! :P
Thanks for the follow up! :)

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

hahahahhahahahahhaahha..!!! YOU LOOK YUM..!!! i laughed laoudly at that and that chicken eating part...!! i dont exactly know why i picked this post first to read..!!
thanks for the comment :)

P.S :following you back :)

now off to read other posts :)

Greeshma Ramesh said...

Bwahahaha! ALCHOHOL- You can always blame this one thing! and, man it gets you do the ugliest of things! Ask me :P :D *sigh*

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

haha.. you seriously said you look yum?!!!
I've been high and giggly and talked nonsense but never been that drunk!
p.s first time at your blog :)