Thursday, November 24, 2011

How We Met

We're not in a relationship anymore but we still talk sometimes. We're not a "thing" any more but we still understand each other or so I like to believe. Do I love him, still? I don't know. Do I want to know? NO. The family pandit ji told me that there won't be stability in my relationships and jobs till the age of twenty-five. And, for some reason, unknown to myself, I believe he is true (I hate to say this, though). We broke up for n number of times. Till a few months back, I couldn't imagine my future, my life without Him. Now, I have no freaking clue, what my future holds and you know what? This sucks.
Anyway, this post isn't supposed to be all about cribbing and crying, although I am going through the phase, where you feel rotten and run away to the Himalayas to live alone.

How did your first date go? How did you first meet your guy? How did you look? How did he look? 
My first meeting with Him went like this. 

I was fifteen and a half and he was nineteen. Me, a tenth grader. He, a first year marine engineering student. How we came to know each other, is another story which I will narrate some other time. Right now, you need to know that we hadn't seen each other before. Never. Although we used to talk for hours on phone. Yes, when the call rate for STD calls was Rs. 2.75 per minute.
He was back for his vacations and we desperately wanted to see each other. So far, all our plans got cancelled for some reason or the other. 
One day, I got off the bus at my stoppage and started walking towards my home. It was a five minute walk. I had only taken a few steps when I spotted someone looking at me. When I looked at him, I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. Not that I had seen a lot of guys. Girls' school restricts the scope, you know. He smiled and  I looked away. 
He was there, chewing a gum, in a turquoise blue shirt, blue jeans and shoes. He had this smile which tugged at my heart. I looked at him again, and he was still looking at me. That scared me a little. I walked a little farther. And, I don't know why but something made me turn back. He was there and then he came closer to me and said, "Anuranjani?" and my heart skipped a beat. It was Him. I couldn't say anything so I nodded. He smiled, extended his hand and smiled a little more. 
It was Him. But it couldn't be Him. He looked nothing like he had said he looked like, nor did he sound the way he did on phone. He was tall, broad shoulders and well built. Fair with a breath-taking smile. On the phone, he'd told me he was okay-ish tall, dark, looked just okay. 
The person standing in front of me was nothing less than a movie star. Seriously. 
He walked me to my home. We stopped in a lane to talk but a few aunties stared at us, like we were from some other planet or were some extinct species, so we just walked, stealing glances and secretly smiling.
Twenty minutes. That's for how long our first meeting/date lasted.
I went home and the first thing I did was look into the mirror. Ouch! Disaster, I looked.Total Disaster. For a few minutes, I thought he must have freaked out. :|
He called me in the evening and I asked Him, how he thought I looked and he said, "better than the picture of you I saw". Yes, he'd seen a picture of me but I had not.
And, oh! He had brought a chocolate for me which remained in his jeans pocket and which he gave to his mother. I got nothing on my first date. :P

So, that's how we first met.

Two months later, he proposed to me.

P.S.: I've only met him thrice in four years and three years of our relationship. 

P.P.S.: Let me know if you want to know about our second meeting too. :P

P.P.P.S: I really, really want to show you his picture but I cannot. He'll kill me. He's the kind of guys who girls drool on. :| My friend once said that he was too good for me. :|

Please, please, please forgive me for not commenting on the posts. Not in the best of state of mind, I am in. I will comment soon. Real soon. Just that I am going through a really bad phase, where all I want to do is run away to some place where there is no one, just lots of my kind of music. 
And, sorry for this really long post. 

Three years and I haven't even kissed once. So, this is enough for you to forgive me for this really long post. ;)


Abhinav Chandel said...

This is very interesting, except the committed part, i too have a similar story. I can assure you, it just sucks. That feeling which freaks you out all the time, but don't worry.

Trust me everything will be alright. :)

Spaceman Spiff said...

The charm and magic of teenage love is something else, na? :)

Right now, it may seem like you've lost everything in life, that you won't get anyone better, that life just won't be the same again. But trust me, sweety, it will be. You will move on. When I broke up with my guy of 3 and a half years, my life came to a standstill. I was lost. I did not know where to go, what to do. Whatever I had planned for the future, all that came undone. But... But I picked up and moved on. And now, I couldn't be happier. To break up was the best decision I could have ever made.

And hey, a little off the topic, your new font is a little difficult to read. Would you mind considering changing it?

TC, my dear. Everything's gonna be just fine. :)

Thousif Raza said...

Your first P.S shook me... 3 times in 4 years... i cant yell oh my god because it sounds like, so less...

I gotta salute his commitment and your's too... whew, it takes a lot of effort to be in a relationship like that... and i thought i had it bad where i meet my gf once a month...

I just wanna say... i donno when that stability will come in ur life, but i hope it comes very soon. you deserve that smile that is not with u rgt now... u deserve to be happy and i hope it comes ur way, really really soon :)

I hope something good would come to ur way soon... :)
and i can suggest u a list of songs if u like which would calm u down :) atleast put e smile on ur lips :)

Take care, smile and keep writing :)

Nia said...

this reminds me of the first day i met my man :-)

You have a beautiful name, anuranjini :-)

SuKupedia :) :) said...

this too shall pass anu.. been there and seen it all.. but in no way am I underestimating what you are going through.. its difficult but row yourself through and when u r on the other side.. u will know u r stronger than u think.. <3 <3 <3

Cяystal said...

You know you're strong. Mwah :*

Rahul said...

Never been kissed?Aaaw man!!!Btw,I felt as if I was reading a beautiful story as I read this one.Awesomely written.That guy is one lucky dude.....He should hold onto you for all his life...Best of luck..:-)

Aditi Sharma said...

I love your blog ! :*

Anuranjani said...

@Abhinav: Thank You. :)

@Spaceman Spiff: We broke up a few months ago and I am okay! :)
I don't know if the decision was good or not but I have picked up the pieces and moved on.
and, okay! I'll change the font.:)

@Raza: Yes. It is less. Very. Coz, it's different when you meet.
I hope so too. And, well the smile is back, just not THAT happy smile. :)
Thank you. :)

@Nia: Thank you! And, it's Anuranjani! ;)

@Sukupedia: It's okay and I am fine. Everything's fine with me. This meeting is just funny, so, I mentioned it. :D
thanks though! <3

@Crystal: Will mail you soon! :)
Yeah, i guess I am! :)
Thanks! :*

@Rahul: Noooooooooooooo!! Never been kissed. :(
Thank you. :)
Well, we're not together anymore. But, it's okay! :)
Thanks! :)

@Aditi: I love you! :*

The Updater said...

Aww Anu!! *hugs*
The first date seemed sooo sweet. I really wanna know the next part of what happened :)
And dont worry dearie, stay strong, and turn that frown upside down :)
Nothing is lost, nothing will be :)

suvaiba said...

i have no freaking clue why i did not comment :O
okay 1stly em sho sorry baby
2ndly this was an awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww post not your sad part but the story thing
it's okay
life isn't a bed roses and walking on the road of thorns isn't that bad. it happens sooner or later there are unexpected twists but when you cling on a thing and you have FAITH then all you need is patience and you win. sounds really easy and difficult to be practiced lekin ISHQ AAG KA DARIYA HAI.
you're storng i know you will cope up. and yes yes yes iwanna know about your second meeting

Soumya said...

First time here and I am stunned!

I'm a sucker for romance and I couldn't have asked for a better place to be in. I too have a similar story and as usual it did not end well. 3 and half years here too and it took me two years just to get over him.

It takes time, but eventually you will get there I'm sure. Stay strong, I know you will.

P.S: Seriously? :0. Inspite of me meeting him everyday it lasted only 3 n half years. So hats off to you my lady!

P.P.S: I do, please post it soon.

P.P.P.S: Chuck that friend out of your life will you?

Never been kissed? Hmmm make sure thye first time would be memorable :)

All the best for moving on.


Confused Soul said...

gosh this love I love :) .. And yes I wanna know more.. :)

Anuranjani said...

@Updater: I hope things get back on track for me! Thank you so much! :* *hugs*

@Suvaiba: Life isn't the bed of roses, agreed.
Haan ji, Ishq aag ka dariya hai, and since I love him a lot and I know about his feelings I am not losing hope. Not now, when I have waited for a year. Nope. Thank You so much! Means a lot, babe! :*
And, the second meeting? Will come soon! :)

@Soumya:I doubt I'd get over him. And, I seriously doubt if I want to. We managed our long distance very well coz there was Love. Immense Love. I don't know what happened, but things went wrong.
Err, I cannot do that. She means a lot.
Never been kissed and I hope the first time is with him. HIM! Oh! I'd start a mini post here! :P
Thanks for the follow up! :)

@Shreya: Aye Babe! I love this love too. :*
More coming your way! ;)

Writing Bee said...

Would love to know more about this love, if it is fine with you that is! It definitely is something to cherish!!

Anuranjani said...

Writing Bee: Completely fine with me! :)
Won't keep you waiting for long! ;)

Shubhang Saurav said...

Its an interesting story of yours. Some of my friends are going through same circumstances as you are. The thing is, life is like a clock. It waits for nothing and nobody. So, better realize it as soon as possible and utilize it to its full extent. Here is my blog. Maybe some of the poems help you to feel better and tell you what I mean to say: