Friday, November 11, 2011

I don't know what to call THIS!

I have reasons to be happy and I have reasons to be sad and I am confused. :|
It's my birthday on Sunday. :D Yes, the thirteenth, the "lucky" number, thirteen. 

My parents gifted me a laptop. :D

HP Pavilion, G Series. It is Red and B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. The screen is 15.6" and I love it but... Yes, here comes the word- But.. I am not getting to take this to Dehradun this time. :| I know, Sad and I could do with a little sympathy. It's been only thirty hours since I got the laptop (yes, I counted the hours) and I am already so addicted to it. I have no clue how I'd survive without my dear laptop. :( The Samsung Netbook that I have seems so small and full of flaws, now. 

Another bad news is, I'd be travelling the entire day, on Sunday. :| So, no birthday celebrations and no party. I know, I know, I'll turn twenty and I should start behaving like a responsible adult but that is just not me. I don't know why people expect me to behave like an adult and stop behaving like a kid all the time, now that I am turning twenty. 

I want to be six again. 

Oh! And I also saw him yesterday. I thought I won't tell anyone in case my chances of seeing him again got jinxed, but What the Heck! As if I'd see him again, if I didn't tell you all.
I went to the park yesterday evening with my two year old niece, Zara. I was my usual self, talking, laughing, playing when I saw him. 

He was standing there, 5'11'', in a blue shirt, blue jeans and white sports shoes. He has the best jaw-line in the world and an oh-so-awesome physique and he kept adjusting his specs while playing with his nephew. Yes, yes, I shamelessly stared at him. He is that handsome. I knew he was un-approachable, just like all the good-looking guys, so I sighed and turned to play with Zara. Hide and Seek- that's what we were playing. She was to hide and I was to find her. She chose him to hide behind.  I thought of ways to bring her back without attracting attention from him. There wasn't any way, so I went from behind and said, caught you, in the lowest possible voice. Zara laughed and ran away. He turned back and looked at me (for about 5 seconds) and smiled as if I was some good chirpy kid. 
It made me uncomfortable. Those 5 seconds made me conscious as to what I was wearing. And the smile. Aaahhh! I almost fainted. Breath-taking, mesmerizing, the cutest I have ever seen. I, as it is, have a weakness for dimples. Ouch! I so wanted to keep standing there, looking at him but obviously couldn't. After what seemed to be my fifth attempt I muttered, "Sorry, that was not meant for you. My niece. She was hiding behind you."
"I know," he said and smiled again. Made me go all weak in the knees. My entire thought process got stuck and suddenly I had no place to look at. 

Isn't this what happens in the movies and books? 

And then I heard my name being called out. Di. She's always there at the wrong time. I rushed towards her. I could feel his eyes on me. 

No. It was NO love at first sight or maybe it was. :| I had never felt this nervousness around anyone, not even for my first debate competition, not even when I went to represent my school for the debate competition, not even for the college interviews. After a long time, I was unable to look into someone's eyes because I was too conscious. 
I was smiling all evening, yesterday coz I saw him. Him as in him, the guy in the park. 
Even when I am writing this post, I am smiling. 

Oh, and this reminds me, I should also tell you that I don't think I am going to see him again for the following reasons, unless God has planned something(I so wish, he has):
1. I don't know anything about him. No, Not even his name.
2. I am leaving for Dehradun, today. So, NO CHANCE.

Therefore, see, I have reasons to be happy and also to be sad. I don't want to be travelling on my birthday. I want to celebrate my birthday, with cakes and balloons and candies and gifts. I don't want to grow up. I don't want people to expect me to behave all grown up and matured. 
I want to take my laptop with me, THIS TIME. 

Most importantly, I don't want to go back. I have already missed a lot of classes and I may get debarred coz I am really low on attendance but I still don't want to go. It's strange. When I was here, I couldn't wait to go out. Couldn't wait for a hostel life. Now, I feel, Home is so much better. God, please do something about my confusion. :| 

P.S.: I never thought this post would get so long. 

P.P.S.: Birthday wishes are always welcome. I love it when someone wishes me Happy Birthday! :D :D

P.P.P.S.: When I am very excited/sad/happy, I talk gibberish, so forgive me for talking gibberish. I am so full of different kinds of emotions right now, I don't know what to do or say or how to say. So I guess, I better shut up.

One last thing! :D
I was about to go to sleep but I decided against it and decided to read the recent post of my awesome fellow bloggers, I follow and guess what! I have been awarded! :D :D

My first ever award! :D

Thank You so much, Serendipity!! :D :D :*


Rahul said...

Haaaapppppy Birthhhhday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

Confused Soul said...

oiiii this was such a super cute post... Oooh red lappy is so a pic na! :D .. aah the news of staying away from it is bad yaar :( .. ummm chal chuck!!

You're turning 20...dude we are the same age.. and guess what tom is also my bet friends b'day.. so I dont think I'll ever forgtet urs :D .. Adv happy bday..

And they guy, d whole scene looks just like a b'wood flick man.. Btw who knows? You might just meet him again. And I hope you do.. Aww I wish you could stay a little longer so you'd know the guy.. And the nervousness, I know.. When I was 'crushing' on this guy I used to fumble while talking to him and could NEVER look him in d eye.. Must have thought m tothli or something :P .. hahah but this is so cute.. Dehradun's a lovely place no??

Cяystal said...

What? That's what he was wearing? I want to keeeeel you for making me imagine him. I seriously do. Swear.
and he looks stud-ly in my imagination. Very :D No no, I am not hitting on him in my imagination. -_-
Go with Zara again and try catching his attention and ask his name in contexts on doing something like .. "Zara is pretty naughty you know aa aa.. whatever your name is. " :/
Okay sorry, that's what we were asking a friend of ours to do today. She has this crush and he makes her go weak in the knees and is incapable of mumbling a word ahead of him. Uf!
And arey wah, whattttt can we do for your budday? and 20 brings along responsibility and all I guess .. but dont ever lose the innocent, adorable you in you :D
Shall try to come up with a better birthday gift soon ! :D
and Dehradun could be a birthday vacation kind of thing no? :P

Cяystal said...

*in context of

Rahul said...

and yep...happy birthday again..:-)

Vikas said...

Happy B'day :) God bless u.....
Sorry jaani....

suvaiba said...

you know how much of intellegence my little brain had to put in to follow you....
gosh i was unable to find the follow thing widget on ya blog and i almost killed my connection
but now i did and sorry for being late :)
and aapppko dher saari badhaiyaa :))
enjoy the whole month
its yours :)

and i want that guy.. parcel him :P
and you have a niece i want a niece tooo :((

i so lovvvee kids
the post is not at all gibberish its straight from the heart and its pure
dher sara pyra
and congoz for the award em blessed with it too..! :)

Cяystal said...

Check the right column of my blog!

The Guy In The Mirror said...

Happy birthday, belated :)

him and her are so much better than taking names ;)

Oh and if it doesn't harm, maybe you could add archives on your page. It would be much easier to go through your blog then :)

stay blessed ^_^

Anuranjani said...

@Rahul: Thank you! :)

@CS: Hi5! We're of the same age! :D
I'd post a pic. Lemme go back home. :D
I know. I thought all these things happened in movies, not in real life and definitely not with me! :O I wished so too but I am not that lucky you know. ;)
And, well, Dehradun is a beautiful place, if you don't have to live in a hostel here! :P
Thank You! :D

@Cяystal: Oh My God! You should have seen him, re! He is so freaking hot! I so wish I could go again! Sad Luck! :(
And, NO! Dehradun can never be a vacation for me! I study here, re! College, Hostel, Everything! :/
Thank you, so much for the wishes! And, EEEeeeEEeee!!! Thank you for wishing me there on the Blog. So happy, I am.

Anuranjani said...

@Vikas: Thanks!

@suvaiba: Thank You, for following me! :D
Thank you so so much for the wishes! :D
These comments totally made my day! :) :D
I love kids too. They so small and cute and innocent! :D

Haah! Only if I could catch hold of him. :/
Thank You. And, congratulations, aapko bhi! :D You deserve the award. As for me, she's been too kind! :)

@The Guy In the Mirror: Thank you. :D
Yes. I totally agree. Him and her are so much better than taking names. :D
As for the archives, I have no clue, how to add! But let me try! :D
Thanks, again! :)

TheBluntBlogger said...


Apologies for being late, I have not been keeping very well....

Belated birthday wishes <3 Scorpio Girl, a Sexy Bichoo that is....

And well, oh well, I loved your DP and you never way, he might be one of those army men from Doon

Thousif Raza said...

i love u.. and no i am not kidding... :P

In love in your writing... see wasn't kidding ;)

ok Anuranjani... plz plz plz... do not change i know u might be thinking who is this guy who first is saying i love u and then saying all this... but i read what u write and i have to say... the way u write and from what i sense... the way u r... is so awesome...

People would die to have a childlike attitude as u... and i hope good luck for that guy... ;)

being at work will change u i can say that from experience.. but plz till as long as ur a student and love doing the things u do... plz do :)
and stay the way ur... i sub'd first even before i commented...

came through suruchi... see comments do earn u followers ;)

keep writing... and keep making urself and other smile :)

P.S smiled a lot reading the marriage post... wanna googly woogly whoosh ya... but thats too early for a first visit :P.. ha ha ;) sho cute :)

P.P.S: thank u for making me smile so much, i needed it today :)

And a very very happy b'day to u... belated i know... i am sorry.. next year i'll wish u on time :)... hope u had a great day and i wish u have a great life ahead :)... take care :)

Alka Gurha said...

Hope you had a brilliant one...Happy Birthday.

The Guy In The Mirror said...

well, when you "design" your blog you can "add a gadget" named "blog archive"

Anuranjani said...

@Chintan di: You comment, that's what matters! Please, get well soon! :*

Thank You so much for the wishes! :D
Haha! Yes, a bichoo, not-so-sexy bichoo! :P

:D :D Thank You! :D
And, na! He had specs. Not one of those army men! :(

@Raza: I am so flattered! :D Thanks for the good luck but I doubt, it'd work! :P
As for the change, I don't think I'd be able to change, ever! I am just not that type of a person! :/
I am so glad that my posts made you smile.
Bwahaha! Every body wants to googly woogly whoosh me. :P
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. The wishes matter, not the time. :)
Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the follow up! :)

@Alka: It was good. Thank you! :)

@The Guy In The Mirror: :D Thanks! :D

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

I'm so so so so late. But Happy Belated Birthday to you :) Hope you had a nice time.

Don't we all wish we could go back to being six?? :)

Congratulations on getting the laptop and the award too :)

Take Care :)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Wishing you a Happy Wala Birthday. Congrats on the new laptop and the award.

Your narration of the Park incident sounded very cute and teenager-ish to me.

Cheers :)

the other side of me said...

hahahah..i couldnt stop laughing are soooo like me...==''

i did all that kind of stuff before..hahahah

okay hmmm..happy belated birthday

Hope you get to see this 5'11 guy

ahhhh..just cherish the moment dear

Anuranjani said...

@PhilO: Thank You so so so much! :)

@Atrocious Scribblings: Thanks a tonne! Aye sir, I was a teenager! ;)

@TOSM: Thank You re! And, well, I am so glad to meet someone like myself! :*

Amod said...

perfect blend of emotions.....rly very sweet.....!!!

Vikas said...

aaj tera Lappy 1 yr aur 2 days ka ho gaya Jaani..!! :D
I knw ki kinna khush hui thi Lappy k liye aur kinna dukhi ki tujhe saath le jane ko ni mila tha...
Happy B'day once again meri Best frnd..!! :) :')
Miss u a lott..!!
M sorry...!! :')