Friday, November 18, 2011

I Love You

With that smile on His face and that glint in His eyes, how did He expect her not to fall in love with Him? Those eyes, those lips, that nose and the chiselled face— He was dropped straight from Heaven.  She drooled over His smile. She was transported into another world when He looked at her, the way He was looking at her. How could one person be so perfect, so flawless and how could she be so lucky?
He was waiting. Waiting for her to say something and she should have said something but she was too dumbstruck to say anything. She smiled and he smiled back and there appeared the magic dimples— deep and totally killing. She held her breath; he was holding his, since long. He asked her to say something, anything. Said that the silence was getting very uncomfortable. But, she couldn’t speak. She pinched herself from under the table and blinked several times. He grinned. She stared. He asked her again and this time she found her voice and said, yes.
What did he ask her? Well, he asked her if she loved him as much as he loved her. Did she love him? She did. Since that very first moment she had seen him when she was in class tenth and he was in twelfth. Four years it took him.
He came and sat beside her and held her hand. Absolute Bliss. She shifted closer. There were a lot of people in the restaurant. To hell with the people, she thought. His face inched closer. She knew what he was going to do. She had seen a lot of movies and read a lot of books. She closed her eyes. His lips brushed hers. She felt a thrill. Her grip on his hand tightened and he kissed her a little harder. His mouth brushed her ear and he whispered those three magic words: I Love You.

P.S.: No. This is not what happened with me. Yes. This is what I want to happen with me! ;)


Cяystal said...

I actually did a happy dance in my room. :D :*

Suruchi said...

oye hoye-someone's been proposed!
kya baat hain and sounds like the beginning of a happy love story:-)

Confused Soul said...

Arre yaar I so wish this was your story.. I would've chided you on PDA :P .. Not that I don't like it at times :P .. hahaha

This was super lovey-dovey...Loved it! :D

Rahul said...

did anyone else tell u are an awesome writer??? :-)

PurpleMist. said...

Awwww this is so cute :)
Really good writing!
And I hope that does happen with you someday :P

suvaiba said...

oh no no no no no why did ya finish
this is so like reading a ROMANTIC NOVEL :)
romance always gives a KICK
i believe in intuitions in this context sometimes it gives me the ULTRA POSITIVE feeling and sometimes the negative one
but this one gives me the former..!


Thousif Raza said...

that was sweet, very interesting... and very exciting... and very awesome :D

I loved it.... i wanna read a romantic story written by you... it'd be awesome... :D

honestly ya, i loved it... it was so genuine, so heartfelt and seemed so real... loved the emotions and the way u wrote it :)

and seems like u dont want me as ur facebook friend... ;) its ok... i'll earn it :)

Take care and keep writing......

Anuranjani said...

Cяystal : :D
Thank you! Not my story though.

@Suruchi: Not me. :P

@Shreya: Haha! Me too. I like it at times. Sweet gestures. ;)
And, Thank you! :D

@Rahul: Nope. ;) *dances with joy*

@PurpleMist.: Thank You so much. :D
Aah! I hope so too. :|

@suvaiba: Awww.. Your comment is so so so so sweet.
Thank you love. :)
Thank God, this gave you the ULTRA POSITIVE wala feeling! :)

@Raza: Thank you so much. Your comments are so so awesome. Always. :)
And, for the Facebook, well, I don't have an account anymore and I don't think I'll reactivate the account anytime soon! :)