Friday, July 1, 2011

Shopaholic? Not ME!

God save me when my friends or for that matter anyone from my family decides to go shopping! Everyone knows for a fact that I hate shopping, completely, and still I am their first choice! Why? Devils, they are, I must tell you! I don't mind the new clothes or the new accessories but I do mind jumping from shop to shop looking for something Special. For me, if you like something, just take it and leave!
I had just returned from one of those torture trips from the market and was lying flat on my back trying to concentrate on whatever my over-excited best friend was blabbering. Aah, bless mom for coming into the room just on time to save me from being strangled. My eyes were drifting shut while Sneha was still trying to explain why yellow wouldn't go well with blue or whatever! With mom, came two large bowls of chocolate chip ice-cream. Did I tell you, I love my mom? Oh, I do! I grabbed mine and mom passed Sneha's to her. She refused. God! How can someone refuse ice-cream or anything which had a lot of calories? Anything with a lot of calories has to be yummy!
As I sat there feasting on my ice-cream not caring that I already needed to exercise, Sneha continued fussing over her new clothes. Hey, I really liked those black footwear I bought for myself. It had taken me exactly six minutes to complete the whole business of trying those and buying those and Sneha had taken exactly thirty-two minutes and twenty seconds to decide upon her pink ones. Yes, I have that watch which shows minutes and seconds and I had won it in a competition.
"What kind of a girl are you? You don't like to shop... and eat like a pig!" Sneha said as I reached for her bowl of ice-cream which she had not even touched. Weird girl.!
"A different kind." I said as I shoved in a spoonful of the ice-cream. Heaven!
I looked at my bed at the uncountable number of shopping bags and shuddered.
"Thank God! You've had enough of shopping for a year now!" I sighed.
She looked at me as if I was an alien from Mars, or Pluto or whatever! Yeah, people need to stop looking at me like that! Kinda creepy it is!
"What?!?" I asked her.
"I need to buy a few more things. Well, many more things and we're going to the Khaitan Market tomorrow." and just like that I was dead.

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