Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kaun Banega Crorepati, Junior!?

With three days to go for the mid-semester exams, I should ideally be studying right now. But then, I remembered an incident from my childhood and I have to, have to, completely have to tell you about it. Okay, well, I never really forgot about it.
We were in the fourth standard then, the year was 2002 and that was the year when KBC, Junior had started and all the kids were very, very excited to participate and win huge amount of money which until then was won by those adults.So, now we got a chance to prove ''hum kisi se kam nahi''
How old was I? Eleven and a half. I really, really, desperately wanted to participate and WIN. Like, this was the dream I was living for. Like, this was the only thing which kept me going. Like, once this goal was achieved, I could die, peacefully. So, the day the phone lines opened and the questions were asked, I started calling. Like, a million times a day. But God didn't listen to me. Naturally.
It was raining heavily that day. Cats and dogs. Isn't this what they say? I came back from the school and attacked the phone. I tried and tried and tried and finally the call did connect. As soon as the recorded voice asked me to wait for a real person to take over the phone the phone line went dead. Imagine! I had been trying and trying so hard for this day and just when I was about to reach my destination the phone went dead. I cursed and cursed a little more. Okay. I did not curse. I cried. A lot. Ten days. That's for how long my phone remained *dead*!
It was the science class. Science, my favourite subject, back then. Yes, I was smart when I was younger. My teacher asked a question in the class and needless to say, I was the only one who knew the answer. I mentally patted myself and won an appreciative look from my teacher after I gave the correct answer. Well, when the period was about to end, the teacher asked me if I had tried for the KBC, Junior thingy.! Yes, she rubbed salt on my wounds. Something got into me and I said: "Yes ma'am! Just last night I recieved a call from those people and they have called me for the shooting." 
Yes, you guessed it right. I became the star of the class. Instantly. Everybody was excited. As it wasn't me but they who had been selected. Well, it wasn't even me but only I knew that. I enjoyed every bit of attention, I got. I was even given gifts. 
Co-incidentally, one of my cousins was getting engaged that very month and we had to go to Delhi. That is the time I told my class-mates and my class-teacher that I was going for the shooting.
*Guess, who got through the fastest-finger-first! Yes, that was me. And guess, how much I won. Twenty-five lakhs!*
So I came back from the shooting (engagement) and informed everyone at school about my *success*! and every single person was oh-so-happy. The news reached the principal and she announced it infront of the entire school. The junior and the senior wing both had one common assembly that day. Courtesy: ME! And, I was given a Dairy Milk. Crackle it was, I guess. 
Everyone was asking me as to when will the episode be aired and I gave them one random date. 16th June, it was. 
I was smart, but not that smart. It didn't strike me that: 
1. A cousin was in the senior wing of the school.
2. The show would never be aired.
3. There was no *Amitabh Bachhan* signed certificate with me which everyone wanted to see.
As I told you, I was enjoying all the attention and pampering at school. One day I returned home, happy and content. As soon as I entered the house, I heard Ma talking to someone over phone. She was saying, ''Nahi, aisa kuch bhi nahi hai. Arre, mai baat karti hu usse.. aane dijiye usko.''  What happened next is history. Next day, I was accompanied by Ma. The principal had changed and the new one had no idea about my *small* prank. Anyway, Ma had a *small* talk with my class-teacher and I apologised to the entire class and the junior wing. Oh God, the humliation. Even today, I shudder when I think about that day. Today, everybody laughs at this stupidity of mine. Back then I was almost hated. *shudders*
P.S.: The principal who gave me that Dairy Milk is the principal of my school again. She still thinks that I am a genius and I had won Twenty-five lakh rupees in 2002. 
P.P.S: See you after my mid-semester exams. Don't know what I'll write when I am clueless about the syllabus of two out of five subjects.
The work above is true in all repect. I was one smart and stupid at the same time girl!
Also, I need best wishes. Coz I haven't studied a bit. Hope your wishes help!


Abhay Singh said...

Thy shall study!

Cяystal said...

**principal had changed and the new one had no idea about my *small* prank. Anyway, Ma had a *small* talk with my class-teacher.

Hahah I actually laughed loud there :D
and dude, this is A prank. Though the cousin being there was plain bad luck ;) Though this is one kickass prank :D
Look at me, I'm midway through exams. :D You take care and do well thoughhhh. *best of luck huG*

Anuranjani said...

Abhay: I am studying. You shall give me your new no.

Crystal: :D Thank you. Thank You. I was one very interesting and smart kid! :D :P
Anyway, I hope you're doing well in your exams. Thank you so much! *hugs back* :)

Abhay Singh said...

By monday, I shall have it and so shall you! :P

Vikas said...
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confused soul said...

omg you little brat.. hahaha :D .. that was a funny thing to do...the stories we makes as kids..amazing ;)

Anuranjani said...

The things we do when we are drunk, the stories we make as kids.. By God!How do we even do that? :P

Viya ;) said...

oh.my.god!! :P :P lol!! :P :P
I would never ever have the courage to do something like that! :P :P

Mirage said...

Hahahahaha....Oh God! Your were one hell of a prankster. :D

And you got just one dairy milk chocolate? bwahahahahahahahaha...hadd hoti hai.. :P Matlab koi itne BIG show pe jeet ke aya hai (though in your imagination) and usse ek chocolate mili.. Damn! :P