Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Again!

The two months I have been home for the vacations have driven my mom crazy. Like, really crazy. Oh come on! I am not as much a devil as you're thinking me to be. I am just a normal teenager who loves to sleep, lusts for music, hogs food like a pig, is crazy about internet (read Facebook, my blog and Twitter) and reads like crazy. Also, if you think I am those loud, blaring, rock music kinds, let me tell you that I am not.
What really bugs mom is my undying love for my laptop. She thinks I love my laptop more than I love her! :|
No, I love her more, but I also love my laptop and a lot. She also hates my sleeping pattern, hates that I am almost always online and I do nothing but read e-books. Only thing she has no problem with, is my eating habits. Although she agrees that I am getting fatter every day and worries about my marriage (which, unfortunately will have to wait for very long), she never denies food to me, no matter how many times I ask for it. Ooohh!! I love you mommy.
Today was just one of those 'regular' days minus the internship which ended last week. Phewww!! Relieved I am! Anyway, I got up at ten-thirty and was surprised coz not once did ma try to wake me up, which was unusual since she usually started waking me up since seven everyday. Turned out, she was mad at me. I gathered courage and went to her room and indeed she was upset. After my second attempt, I finally managed to say, "Ma?". "break-fast kitchen mei hai, kha lo." was all I got. Thank God for my cute face (Yes, I am cute! at least to myself) and my success at pulling a puppy dog face, Ma relented! :D
Dad too was pissed at me today. Oh God! Today was not a good day.
"Why do you even bother to come when you have to sit with your laptop the whole day?" Ouch! That did hurt.
Anyway, today for a change I was dreaming thinking about how my life will change when I move to Harvard for my master (4 years later). I'd be able to go to the world's best pubs libraries, date cute guys meet intelligent people and my life will be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
Aah, did I tell you my vacations are almost ending! :'( No more sleeping all day, eating all day (not that, I'll loose weight), Facebooking, Blogging and Twittering all day (well, that I'll manage ;) ) and no more listening to those taunts about me loving my laptop more than my mom (gonna miss this the most.).

I am already looking forward to November when I'll be back for Diwali. My mom is already dreading it and Dad requested me not to come. I know he doesn't mean it (hopefully). Di's told me she won't let me enter her house or let me meet my cute niece if I don't shed a few kilograms. Yes, it is Hitler in my di's disguise! And, I still can't marry for another five years! God, this society wants an educated, well-earning girl these days!
But I am looking forward to Harvard! The cute guys intelligent people and world class pubs  libraries.

Aah, now mom wants me to have dinner and the dessert (yum-yum), so catch you all later. (If ever you all read my posts!)


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Shreya Suri said...

Hahaha..Faadu post it is :P Most of us face the same problem..Its irritating yet we miss it later..afterall nothing's better than home!! :)