Sunday, July 3, 2011

Falling for the Right Guy! The Final Part!

(Read Parts I to VI before you read this one! You just need to scroll down)                                                          Vaibhav left for New Zealand, the day after he left Mumbai. Navya felt lonely and sad. She wondered why she was feeling the way she was. She had not felt so sad even when she had come to Mumbai for the first time leaving behind her family and Nikhil. But then, she never had loved Nikhil. It was infatuation since Day 1. So what was this now? Love? Infatuation? Attraction? What? She decided to call Vishakha.
Just when she about to disconnect the call, came Vishakha’s voice which said that either she had been crying or was suffering from cold.
Please God. Let it be cold. Please, please, please! Navya prayed.
“Hello? Will you say something?” repeated Vishakha.
“Hi!” Navya said.
“Don’t ‘Hi’ me! Come to the problem.” said Vishakha.
“Umm.. I think I am in love.!” Navya said, and after a pause, “Again.”
“Ha! I was waiting for you to say this. Let me guess! Vaibhav?”
“Why do you have to know everything? And, have you been crying?”
“Yeah, I broke up.” Vishakha replied seriously.
“Okay, it is the cold.” Navya said dryly.
Navya knew that Vishakha would never break-up with Akshay. They were in love since they were in kindergarten. And, this was the only thing which made Navya jealous of Vishakha- her ability to stick with one guy.
“Yeah, Vaibhav.” she murmured.
“It is not love.” Vishakha declared.
“How do you know that?”
“Coz baby, I know you. You can never really fall in love.” Ouch! That hurt!
“I don’t know.” Navya said.
“Sleep it off.”
“Yeah, coz it is eleven-fifteen and Akshay’s calling.” Navya continued for her.
“Hey, you know, you’re my first priority.” Vishakha protested.
“After Akshay, I know. Chalo, you guys carry on. I’ll take my sleepy-head to the bed. Good Night.”
“Good Night. Love You.” Vishakha said as she disconnected the call.
“Good Night!” Navya said to herself.
She lay in her bed awake. Sleep evaded her. She knew, she should sleep since she had college the next day she could not. At two, her phone rang. International number. Her heart beat accelerated.
“Good Afternoon!” came his sexy voice.
“It’s good night, here.” she said, her voice indifferent, her heart doing flip-flops.
He chuckled and she imagined his face.
They talked for two hours that day. At around four-thirty Vaibhav said,
“Hey, I will have to go now. But before that, I want to tell you something.”
“Yeah?” she asked.
“The three days spent with you were the most memorable three days of my life. I enjoyed every single second of your company. Never in my life have I felt the way I feel for you. You are beautiful, your eyes are gorgeous and your nose makes me want to kiss you. You know, when you smile, I don’t want to do anything but look at you. When I held your hand, while crossing the road, I felt like holding those soft hands forever. Your laughter is like music to my ears. I love those beautiful eyes, I love that dimpled smile, I love that cute nose, I love those lips I kissed, I love the way you look at me, I love the way you laugh, the way you hold my hands, the trust in your eyes. I Love YOU!
Take a breath, take a breath. She instructed herself.
“You’re still with me?” he asked, anxious.
“Yes. Look, that is really sweet of you but I cannot say anything, now.”
“Are you... Do you still feel for Nikhil?”
“NO! No, It’s nothing like that. I... I am not sure if I am capable of being in a relationship for a long time.”
“Do you love me?”
“I think I do.”
“ Then what is the problem. Give it a shot. Give us a chance. Our relationship may not work out, but we won’t regret not giving ourselves a chance! Say yes, Navya.”
“Yes!” she said after a minute’s silence.

It’s been a year now since she said “yes” to Vaibhav and yes they are very much together.
“Happy Anniversary, baby!” Vaibhav said on the phone.
“Same to you.! I can’t believe, it is a year now.” Navya replied.
“Me Neither!”  Vishakha laughed.
Yes, they were on conference.
“See, I proved you wrong Visha. I am capable of real love.”
“Yes, you are. And Now, I am off. You guys talk. Happy Anniversary, both of you.”
“Thank you!” Navya and Vaibhav said in unison.
She had finally fallen for the right guy. Everyday she had fallen in love with Vaibhav, more than ever. Nothing affected their love. Not the distance, not the time difference, not the fights, not the insecurities. Their love got intensified.
“You have to kiss a million ugly frogs to find your Prince Charming.”  Navya found hers after her share of kissing a lot of those ugly frogs.

P.S.: I so love Happy Endings! J


Ashish said...

The way you have ended this lot of girls, in particular, are going to like this. You and your writing skills are mind-blowing !!

Keep writing ! Thumbs up!

Anuranjani said...

Thank You so, so, so much! :)
*Super Happy* !! xD

Karthik said...

I just got that weird look from my mom for asking 3rd coffee this morning... just found out coffee and reading your blog is amazing combo. loved the way it is ended... "and they lived happily ever after" kind. I enjoyed the flow of words.