Sunday, July 10, 2011

Changed Times!

The time spent with you is etched clearly in my mind. However hard I try to wipe you off, you would not go.  Why? Why would you do this to me? Come in my life for such a short period of time and then vanish without even saying a simple goodbye? Every time I peek into the past, I see you smiling, the genuine smile by my small acts, hear your laughter-crystal clear, your whispering ‘I love you’ into my ears. That small peek into the past brings out so many of your memories- your sweet talks, your infectious smile, your small little gestures, your scolding, your caring, your being on the phone-not to talk but to help me study, the way you calmed all my fears, the way you lulled me to sleep. The simple encouraging smile, the small peck on my cheeks all come back to haunt me. What went wrong?? Why did this happen?
The time’s changed, you deny talking to me, deny your love for me, and deny accepting my love. You’ve locked yourself into a shell, and the cover’s so hard, no one can break it. You would not let anyone enter your world, your life. Not even me. The contact is broken. Sometimes I try to break into your shell but, no, you wouldn’t let it even crack, let alone break open. Resultantly, you’ve left me with a broken heart. The tears flow with no one to wipe them, the body shivers with no one to calm it. Silence is what the life now comprises of. Everything’s changed. The outlook towards the world, the life has changed. Life is such a mess. But people say. “Life must go on”, and so is it-going on! Every breath is taken with great difficulty- not physically but emotionally. The wish I have is that the phrase, “Happily ever after” applies to you, if not with me, with someone else!!

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