Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 things gone wrong- WITH ME!!!

If I ever manage to spend a day without a glitch, I will give this whole entire world a free daaru party! No, I don't drink but that doesn't mean no one drinks. I remember being drunk once, though <shhh... my mom doesn't know I drank>. I cried and I laughed and I cried more and laughed harder and then I cried and laughed at the same time. o_O Ooh! But I didn't try to kiss someone! Yay! Achievement! But, damn! I should have kissed someone. Yes, I haven't been kissed in my whole, entire, nineteen years of life! Yes, even though I was in a relationship for three years. Shhh.. Shut up! Don't laugh! Hello!! You are not supposed to laugh! No, no pity too! Hurrrr... Big Deal! No, I am not gay! NO! He is also not GAY!  Okay laugh! <as if it matters to me>
Ahem! Back to the topic. 10 things which went wrong:-

1. I burnt the food meant for twelve people, just ten minutes before Dinner! 
<you think I did it intentionally? Haaawwwww!!! So what if I hated the 'hosts'? So what if I want them to be starved? I will never burn their Dinner, especially at their own home! ;) >

2. I refused to go to dad's friend's brother's daughter's wedding! 
<That cute guy from the neighbourhood was also there. Damn! God, you ought to make me psychic! I mean, HE was there!>

3. I ran out of water in the shower, with shampoo trickling down my face and trying to seep into my tightly shut eyes.
<The worst thing that can ever happen. Eww! Gross!>

4. Mom sat through the entire phone conversation I had with my best friend.
<God, can you be a little less apathetic? Not that Mom isn't cool but it gets a little difficult discussing who lost her virginity to whom. She'd think I lost mine too even though I haven't been even kissed. Daaahhhhhh!!!!>

5. My favourite restaurant refused me any dish of Chicken!
<IMAGINE! They expected me to eat veggies! How rude is that!?  I am never eating there again!>

6.  The girl who was supposed to do my eye-brows was giving me looks! Like THOSE looks!
<Hello!??? Do I look like I am gay?>

7. I lost my purple tic-tacs. =(
<what? you're laughing? I loved those tic tacs! more than life!>

8. My fluorescent green chappals which cost me 100 bucks broke! *Sob*
< so what if they weren't branded? God! Show off I tell you!>

9. Someone murdered my brand new Hair Straightener or it committed suicide, Apparently it short-circuited.
<Now how am I going to manage my curly or wavy or whatever you call the broomstick of my hair>

10. You didn't get it? MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER DIDE DIED!!!!!!!!! 
<bwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >

There are uncountable number of things more! Disaster's common with me! 

listening to: Don't go breaking my heart by Glee! <Why am I listening to this song? Take me to a doctor, some body!>

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