Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grudges... grrr...!!

Up until a few days back, I was supposed to be satisfied with what I have. Now, I am all grumpy and dissatisfied. Don't give me those looks. I am human and I am no stoic. Things do affect me and I am sad right now. Like, really, really, really sad. I hold a lot of grudges. I am very jealous of  a lot of people. And no, I have no problem admitting that. Giving me those 'she-is-mad' looks again, are you? Well, I can't help it. It's 4:49 in the morning and I should have been blissfully asleep, dreaming something romantic, like maybe, being kissed. A friend asked me today, "Being kissed is sooo important to you?" Of course he wouldn't understand. He is not the one who's been in a relationship for three long years and met the boyfriend just thrice and never been kissed. I am the one. So yes, it is a big deal. No more discussions on it. Period. And worst, I am single again! Duh, this is so depressing, innit?
Well, no, this ain't the biggest grudge I have. There are more.
#Why can't I dance, like Shakira? Forget it. Why can't I dance at all?
#Why is it only me who thinks I can sing well? Damn, even my boyfriend (read ex), thought I was horrible. I know, I know. Totally unromantic. :|
#Why am I not a size zero. Well, no. I wouldn't want a size zero but I sure would like to shed a few tonnes. Just kidding. A few kgs will do. You didn't really think I weighed some hundred tonnes. *gasps*
# Why am I NOT witty? Damn. It irritates me like hell. I always get the right reply after a few hours. Daaahhhh...
#Where the hell was I when God was giving people 'sense of humour'? I must  have been 'Facebooking'!
#Why am I NOT a topper? No forget it. I don't want to be  a topper. Yeah, yeah. Sour Grapes.
# Why isn't my hair naturally straight? Seriously. Frizzy, unmanageable hair is so not cool.
#Why the hell did my straightener burn? :( I miss it. R.I.P though.
#Why am I SO lazy? Now, this is a question everyone asks me. Well, it comes Naturally. I don't have to try.
#Why does the guy I have a crush on considers me 'just a friend' ? I mean, Seriously. Haven't I given enough hints.
#Why can I not use Photoshop? Don't ask me to learn to do it. I have tried, like a zillion times. I guess, I am destined to look ugly, even in my pictures. =(
#Why don't people follow my blog or comment on my posts? Don't tell me, 'Because sweetie, you don't write well enough.' Oh please don't say that. It's the only thing I think I can do well. Even if it's a bubble, don't burst it. Thank you.
Has anyone ever read my blog? Come on! Let me know that I don't write to walls. Thank you so much! I think I should hit the sack now. It is already light outside and I can hear the birds.

Time: 05:14 a.m.
Mood: Frustrated
Listening to: Morning after Dark by Timbaland
Looking forward to: September


trinity said...

I always get the right reply after a few hours. Daaahhhh...

Dreamer said...

Glad to see I am not alone! :D

Avinash Haridas said...

Hehe, Nice one!
The correct question would have been
#why am i not quick-witted :P???
I sometimes get the correct reply after 2 days :@

and Even photshop has its limits :p
it can make an crow look white, but not make it look like a chinese pheasent ;)


Anuranjani said...

@Avinash: I never saw your comment. And well, I never ask the correct questions too. Yes. That's how dim-wit I am.
And, I know. If you don't look good, you don't look good. But Photoshop can help me. I am not that bad! ;)
Thanks for visiting. :)