Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pain-in-the-Ass alias Best Friends!

Trust me, when I say Best Friends are the biggest pain in the ass, I mean every single word of it! My best friend has been a pain-in-the-ass since the last six years and assures me every single day to continue being so.! Poor soul, ain't I? I try to be equally "generous" but then she always gets the better of me. Can she ever praise me? Can she ever say that I am looking good? Can she ask me normally, sweetly as to what's gone wrong? Can she ever answer any of  my question directly? Can she ever show that she loves me? The answer to all these questions and the likes is NO
She can never say: "Aww Anu, you look so pretty today.!" She'd say, that too when I pester her a lot : "You look.. umm.. okay sort of!" I mean, even if I look drop-dead gorgeous (which obviously I never do), she'd just say that I look just fine. "can you shed some weight?" is her first sentence whenever she sees me, which is very less since she lives in Mumbai and I live in Dehradun these days! "Why do you have to eat so much?" "Aah, you're hungry again?" the last question comes when I eat after complete two hours! Everyone has a problem with my eating! God! 
She drives me crazy sometimes, okay most of the times. "Do this!" "Do that!" "Uf.! How can you do this?" Such a bossy person, she is. If she wants something done by me, there are only two options with me, Either do that or Die! And, you know, I prefer living. It's important, you see! I don't even have a boyfriend yet!
When I went through a nasty break-up last summer, every one sympathised, except her! People listened when I narrated my sad story and cursed the ex. She kicked my ass, said I have to get over it or else she'd take away my favourite purple rug! Imagine! I was sad and broken and she was threatening to snatch away my Cadbury.! Yes, I have a name for my rug and No, I am not discussing that!!
She maybe the biggest pain-in-my-ass, but she's also my best friend, my saviour, my moral support, my shrink , my....(the list can go on and on!) She's been there through thick and thin. She's kicked me when I was wrong, hugged me when I was sad, she's stood by me when  no one did! She takes my calls at two in the morning, listens to my endless blabbering! Wipes away my tears (always accompanied with a lot of abuses, but ignore that). She's everything to me and I don't mind her being a pain-in-the-ass sometimes! I love her with all my heart and people, guys specially, trust me I am perfectly straight! 

This one's for you! SHAMBHVI, the bestest friend ever! :*

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