Saturday, July 30, 2011


Okay! This is like, the tenth time I am trying to post something new. Trust me every topic that I chose to write on was nothing less than A-W-E-S-O-M-E, but every time I stopped after the third line. What do you call it? Umm.. writer's block? Maybe. But I am determined to post this one. Eeep! I am already going blank! What was it that I wanted to post here? Tell me, this is normal. That I am not suffering from some kind of Short term memory loss. Apparently, the tenth topic was something which would have labelled me a perv. ;) While I am writing this, Google Plus is still loading. It's been doing that since the last fifteen minutes. 
Wasn't Google Plus supposed to be a revolution in the world of social networking sites? You go on  Google Plus and you'll see these short videos where Google plus is pushing Facebook into a well or beheading it etc, etc.. What's the whole point? Everyone knows, Google Plus is a failure. At least I think so. Mark Zuckerberg sometimes really gets weird ideas, I don't know from where, like changing the chat and stuff but he is awesome.
Oooh! Finally! Google Plus is ready to use. 
Aah! I'll tell you a joke. :D
The warden thinks that I need to gain weight! Hahahaha! Right. Just like Bill Gates needs more money! Every time I skip a meal or don't go to the mess on time she's there knocking on my door... "Anuranjani, go and eat." This really annoys me. I mean, okay, she is caring and stuff but I need someone to tell me to eat less not force me to eat ten times a day! 
My mom thinks I need to study more.  As if I don't study a lot already. Okay, no. I don;t study enough. I am trying, okay. And dare you say anything about me not making it to Harvard. :|

Dad thinks I need to sleep less to study more. Wow! How can someone sacrifice something as vital as their sleep!? I asked dad the same question. He said, "I am not asking you to sacrifice your sleep. But you can do with 10 hours of sleep instead of 16!"  What? I only sleep that much during vacations. Mostly.

My sister thinks I need to lose weight. She thinks I am baby elephant! I don't know why everyone I know tends to exaggerate things to such an extent.

My friends think I need to give them more time. Honestly, if I gave them anymore time than I already do, I will  go mad. Crazy people, they are. Okay, I admit, I am the craziest of all. Still!

I think I NEED a boyfriend. :|

I don't know what I have written here. But whatever it is, It is AWESOME. No arguments. Period.

Listening to: Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore by Bon Jovi!
Trying to: Write a Book! :|
Eating: Something like jelly. 
Waiting for: SEPTEMBER!!! :August should skip! :D


Shreya Suri said...

hahaha pagal saali :p

Dreamer said...

matlab kuch bhi! :|